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  • Do’s and Don’ts for Water Damaged Phone Repair. November 16, 2022, 6:55 pm

    If not taken care of, a water-damaged phone can create a lot of mess with the internal electrical components. It can also make your phone irreparable, and you could lose all the data.  So, did you drop your phone accidentally in the toilet? Or did your pet dog slobber it or throw it into a […]

  • Solving the 5 Most Common Problems Found in Samsung Mobiles November 11, 2022, 6:53 pm

    If you have been a Samsung mobile user for the past 3 months or more, you might be experiencing some issues. These problems have been popping up on all Samsung devices. So, in this blog, you will learn about fixing some of the 5 most common issues of Samsung mobiles. All the solutions are pretty […]

  • How to Force Restart an iPhone 6 in 3 Simple Steps November 9, 2022, 6:12 pm

    If you want to know how to force restart an iPhone 6, you have landed on the right tutorial! Force restarting an iPhone 6 is a simple job and doesn’t require any special knowledge. But you should know when to do it. For example, if your iPhone 6 is irresponsive or frozen, you should consider […]

  • How to Protect and Fix a Water Damaged MacBook – Do’s and Don’ts  November 4, 2022, 6:19 pm

    Did you accidentally spill water on your MacBook? Don’t be surprised because you’re not the only one. Water-damaged MacBook is an extremely common situation than you think. And the good news is that it is fixable.  This article will teach you how to protect and fix a water-damaged MacBook. However, if the damage is severe, […]