Swollen iPhone Battery Repaired

iPod Touch 4 battery replacement

Even the best smartphone technology can be done incorrectly. On our client’s iPhone, the battery life became very short, and one day the device couldn’t turn on. The culprit was the battery that swollen after, reportedly, it was overheated. We’re happy that the battery didn’t burst into flames damaging the device even more. In the end, we’ve replaced the battery on the iPhone, and the device was working fine in an instant.

If you see that your iPhone suddenly became thicker, the swollen battery is often the reason. In this case, we advise against the Do-It-Yourself approach as you may get hurt if the battery catches on fire. Instead, hand the device to our technicians, let them risk. And to know more about the battery repairs for your iPhone, visit this page, choose your model, and contact us.

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