Should I erase my iPhone before screen repair?

erase my iPhone before screen repair

The short answer is “no, you shouldn’t erase your iPhone before screen repair.” However, the complete answer would be “yet, you should save your data before handing your device to the repair shop.” And here is why Mr. Fix cell phone repair services always insist on our customers doing so.

Initially, screen repair most iPhones require is related to the actual replacement of the front glass. This means that a professional repairman takes off the old cracked glass and replaces it with the new one. So basically, there is no intrusion into the phone memory, hence there is no need to erase any data from your phone. The same case goes for the screen + LCD replacement iPhone X .

Now, let’s get back to the advice from Mr. Fix to save your data before handing over the iPhone X to any repair service. Since screen repair is mostly required after the cell phone falls down, the scope of service your device needs might be greater than just screen repair. During the falls from the pockets or tables on the floor most often these are button issues, GPS and wireless problems as well as charging capabilities that get affected. And since all of these parts have connections to the insides of the phone, where the memory is stored, all your data might get impacted by such repairs.

For this reason following the official requirements of Apple products, Mr. Fix phone repair team always asks our customers to save the data on your computer or in the iCloud before handing over your device to us. We will also always ask whether the data was saved before accepting the device. Of course, we will do our best not to impact your phone’s insides, yet this is a safety precaution that can save a lot of nerves should the data get lost.

You can store your data either via the iTunes (connect the phone to your MAC or PC, plug your iPhone, and just click “Backup”) or via the iCloud (on the computer, select Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup > Backup). Once the repairs are finished, you will be able to easily bring back all your photos, music, and contacts back to your device. Should you have any issues with backing up your data, do not hesitate to ask Mr. Fix Team for assistance in-store or via the phone, and we will gladly help you with any problem.