LY NM-08 mobile waterproof vacuum nano coating machine


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LY NM-08 mobile waterproof vacuum nano coating machine

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LY NM-08 mobile waterproof vacuum nano coating machine


1. Bo the nano waterproof coating equipment using space technology, the equipment using the German imports of raw materials as the main body with high precision, the phone coating products are healthy, safe, non-toxic harmless 2. Bo the vacuum coating machine adopts the world’s top technology and nano coatings combined with vacuum nano coating was carried out on the phone, make paint molecules, nano particles, adding metal organic compounds at the same time, the mixture after hydrolytic condensation process, gelation, gradually to form a powerful protection membrane on the surface of products 3. The mobile phone in the vacuum coating machine will be inside nano particle penetration, to every one tiny cracks in the electronic components, along with complete coverage without affecting parts of effective normal operation, so as to achieve 100% high strength and waterproof, prevent stroke, prevent bacteria, dust pollution prevention, antistatic, radiation protection, prevent myopia, the power consumption, keep the cell phone inside the water short time watching movies, answer the phone calls, watch video pictures and so on

Warranty: 1 year

Shipping by DHL & FEDEX & TNT with tracking number

Technical Parameters

Model: LY NM-08:

•Voltage: 220V / 50HZ

•Maximum power: 450W

•Product Size: 400 x 420 x 420MM

•Net Weight: 30KG

3-4 minutes handle a cell phone.

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