iPhone 5 home button replacement



iPhone 5 home button replacement

Price includes parts and labor

iPhone 5 home button replacement is a craftsmanship that can be professionally done by our technicians.
Your device will function like new after iPhone 5 home button replacement in Richmond, VA has been competed.

Do you need a professional technician to replace your iPhone 5 home button? Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer repair employees are the professionals you may be looking for.

You can contact us to replace your iPhone 5 home button when:

  • The home button is too difficult to press;
  • The home button is stuck;
  • Pressing the button doesn’t work;
  • Siri sporadically launches without you pressing the home button;
  • The home button doesn’t bring the music player when the phone’s screen is locked.

Qualitative & fast iPhone 5 home button replacement

We listed only a few problems with damaged or broken home buttons. Often, it’s not the home button that’s broken, but the cable underneath the home button that gets worn out due to constant pressing. In most cases, it’s necessary to just replace the cable to repair your home button. If the home button itself is stuck or damaged, we’ll replace it as well.

Some iPhone 5 users can try various do-it-yourself solutions to fix an unresponsive home button. For example, you can plug the charging cable into the port and try to push down the connector to tighten the home button connection to the motherboard. But this solution is often a temporary fix, if it at all fixes your device. Or you can use AssistiveTouch if the home button doesn’t work. But that’s not convenient to constantly tap the screen instead of pressing the home button once to manage the device.

A home button on your iPhone 5 may not properly work because of a software – not hardware – glitch. Sometimes, you only need to restore the device to defaults, and that might work for you.

If you have any of the issues with your iPhone 5 home button, or if DIY solutions didn’t work out well, you can contact us. Mr Fix technicians will update or restore the software, and replace the physical button or cable to definitely fix your iPhone 5.


Mr FIX Cell Phone & Computer Repair values your business and strives to provide you with excellent service, quality parts and skilled repair technicians. We are a locally owned and operated full-service electronic repair shop offering reliable service when you need it. Every day!

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