Samsung Galaxy S5 charging port repair

Samsung S5 Battery replacement

Let’s consider a specific example of the Samsung Galaxy S5 diagnosis and repair process. The battery charge indicator showed that it is already running out, the user habitually connected the smartphone to the charger, but found that the phone is not charging. He decided to contact the service center because it was not possible to restore the charging process on his own. And this was the right decision because at home the process of replacing the system connector is difficult to perform. Already at the stage of disassembling the device, you run the risk of damaging the display with a touch screen or touching other important elements of the smartphone.

In order to disassemble the device, you must use the lower heating. With it, you can warm up the display to the desired temperature, and then carefully remove the glass. After disconnecting the display, it is necessary to unscrew all the screws and remove the inside of the frame with the board from the case base.

Then you need to remove the system board and the bottom cable, where the power connector and microphone are located. After replacing the loop with the system connector, you should check the work done.

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