Quick Fix to “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” error in iPhone or iPad

This article discusses why the “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” error happens and how to fix it quickly. You can use iPhone Unlocker or the Find My app on another Apple device to clear and reset a disabled iPhone.

How to recover disabled iPhone using iTunes:

  • Connect your iPhone with a cable to your computer and launch the Finder or iTunes application.
  • Put your iOS device in Recovery Mode.
  • Go to iTunes, tap your device icon, tap on Summary, and choose Restore.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to complete the unlocking procedure.

How to resolve the “iPhone is Disabled” error without iTunes or Finder:

  • Enter your Apple ID and password on iCloud.com.
  • Click on Find iPhone, choose your iPhone, and tap the Erase button to wipe out all your device’s data.
  • Set up a new passcode.

How to use the Find My App on Other Apple Devices:

  • Use the Find My app on another Apple device and select “Help a friend” from the Me tab.
  • Sign in to iCloud, choose the disabled iPhone, click “Erase This Device,” and follow the setup process.

iPhone factory reset, If “iPhone Is Disabled Connect To iTunes” Is Not Working:

  • If the “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” option is not working, use iPhone Unlocker to reset your disabled iPhone.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer, launch iPhone Unlocker, select “Wipe Password,” check device information, download iOS software, enter 0000, click Unlock, and you’re done.