Problem: iPhone vibration

problem iphone vibration

Modern gadgets are designed to give comfort to their users, but the slightest breakdown gives a strong opposite effect. Such problems include iPhone vibration problems. For this reason, it is easy to miss an important call. In addition, iPhone vibration problems hint at much more serious problems, which can subsequently aggravate the situation.

iPhone vibrates loudly

Sometimes iPhone owners face a loud vibration (as well as other types of unpleasant sounds). These undesirable effects can occur for several reasons:

  • mechanical effects on the phone;
  • damage to the vibration motor.

Both of these reasons are related and the second can go out of the first. That is, at the moment of blow or fall of the phone, the motor responsible for vibration process can be damaged.

In very rare cases, incorrect operation of the vibration signal can be a manufacturing defect.

iPhone vibrates loudly, what to do?

Whatever the cause of this breakdown, Mr Fix specialists will do their best to fix it. With the help of special tools, our team will be able to determine whether the fault is yours or the manufacturer’s. In the first case, Mr Fix specialists will replace the motor, and in the second, they will consider the problem individually, in accordance with the warranty.

Vibration does not work at all

Many users of gadgets from Apple face a problem when vibration does not work on iPhone and the sound disappears. The most common cause of problems is incorrect sound settings. To correct the situation, it is enough to check the settings of your Apple smartphone and set the necessary parameters.

If the sound settings are in order, but your iPhone does not vibrate or there is no sound, you should look for the cause of problems in the hardware of your device.

If vibration does not work on your iPhone, first check the sound settings. Perhaps, you could turn on silent mode on your Apple smartphone and vibration does not work because of it. If the settings are in order, but the vibrating signal is missing, the cause of the malfunction is probably as follows:

  • incorrect update of the operating system;
  • oxidation or corrosion of elements;
  • mechanical damage to the vibration motor;
  • rupture of the vibration motor loop;
  • moisture ingress inside the body.

Any mechanical damage to iPhone can lead to rupture of the contacts, which is a common cause of device malfunction. In order to determine what caused the failure, we recommend making a diagnosis of the phone first.

Professional smartphone repair

If iPhone vibration stops working or you cannot turn on the phone, contact Mr Fix service centre for help. Cooperation with our specialists has the following advantages:

  • affordable repair cost;
  • use of original spare parts;
  • smartphone diagnostics when ordering services;

Mr Fix specialists will repair your smartphone quickly with a guarantee for all work performed. If vibration on your iPhone does not work, you can order the services of our well-versed professionals on favorable terms for you.

Most of the time vibration does not work

If vibration does not work well on your iPhone, you should look for the root of the problem in either a system or a hardware failures. To check the probability of the first (and at the same time fix the problem), remove suspicious poor-quality programs, reboot the device and, if possible, restore the phone. If these actions do not help, and iPhone vibration does not work well, your problem is more complicated.

In all likelihood, iPhone vibration does not work properly due to the following reasons:

  • faulty vibration motor;
  • broken mode switch.

These problems begin after blow or moisture ingress. In rare cases, most of the time iPhone vibration does not work due to a broken connection between the printed circuit board and the vibration motor because of dust and dirt entering the device. In individual cases, the culprit is manufacturing defect.

Only a qualified specialist can call the exact reason why vibration does not work properly on your iPhone. The scale, complexity and cost of repairs depend on the type of damage. In some cases, you can do a simple cleaning of the gadget, in others it is necessary to replace the vibration motor. Practically any master can do the cleaning, but only well-versed professionals can cope with the replacement of parts.

Mr Fix service center provides diagnostics of devices. Our specialists will find the reason why vibration does not work properly on your iPhone and select the appropriate repair option. The impressive experience, the use of specialized tools and original components allow our team provide a long-lasting company warranty and carry out iPhone vibration repairs in a short time.

Mr Fix specialists can help you to fix not just iPhone vibration problems, but also iPhone network (communication) and iPhone charger problems.  Contact us and make your life easier!