Problem: iPhone conversation

iPhone Xs Max loud speaker replacement

Apple smartphones are ruining the concept of phones as a simple phone tool. However, if it is impossible to talk on the phone, the device loses a large and most important part of the functionality. Let’s have a look at iPhone conversation problems.

Person on the other end cannot hear me

When the person on the other end cannot hear when talking by iPhone, the microphone falls under suspicion first. But this opinion may be mistaken – it is likely that the audio codec (the microchip on the printed circuit board) failed. To determine exactly what kind of breakdown you had to face is quite simple. Just a couple of simple actions will help to find out why the person on the other end doesn’t hear and estimate the “scale of the disaster”.

Turn on the recorder and record a few words. If the experiment was successful, and you can hear your voice on the audio recording, then the problem is not in iPhone microphone.

The person does not hear you due to the breakdown of the codec. This breakdown requires the most difficult repairs, since replacing the chip in iPhone means a lot of experience and knowledge of the electronics repair specialist.

If there is no sound, then it is obvious that iPhone microphone got out of order. Replacing this element will not take a long time, and the repair your device will restore the original clarity of the conversation. Another reason the person does not hear is that in iPhone the loop connected to the microphone is damaged. The best solution to this problem will be the complete replacement of the iPhone loop.

Our service center carries out diagnostics to identify the reasons why the person on the other end does not hear you. IPhone is a capricious high-tech device that does not forgive repair errors. Specialists of Mr Fix service centre perform high-quality professional repair of iPhone microphone and replacement of microchip.

Person on the other end is hard of hearing you

Before carrying the device to repair, try to adjust its work on your own. It is possible that the person on the other end hears you bad due to the following reasons:

  • system failures;
  • errors in the firmware.

Update iOs, and also perform device recovery using iTunes. If it does not help and the person cannot hear you well yet, try to understand where the breakdown is hiding:

  • in microphone;
  • in audio codec.

Repair is an urgent task if any of the hardware failures described is caused by moisture. If the person does not hear well when talking by iPhone after rain or contact with water, you can contact Mr Fix service center. After all, further delay can lead to much more complex and dangerous failures.

Our service center conducts comprehensive phone diagnostics. After it, Mr Fix experts will call the reason why the person does not hear well. IPhone is a complicated device, but thanks to the rich experience and a wealth of specialized knowledge, our specialists will repair the audio codec and iPhone microphone in the shortest possible time and provide a long guarantee for an excellent result.

You cannot hear the person on the other end

Sometimes the user of Apple smartphone faces the most annoying problem – when you cannot hear the person on the other end when talking by iPhone. In exceptional cases, this is due to operator failures. If this is the case, and you cannot hear the person due to the loss of cellular communication, it is enough to wait a while and reboot the device. If this does not help, you need to look for the root of the problem deeper.

First of all, if your iPhone has lost sound during a conversation, you should update the operating system and restore the phone. These actions help to solve many problems in the work of Apple devices. However, if this does not help, and while talking by iPhone you still cannot hear the person on the other end, then you have a significant cause for concern. However, do not rush to panic.

If iPhone has lost sound and you cannot hear person on the other end, make sure that it is not a matter of inattention. In the talk mode, use the volume buttons –maybe during the last conversation you inadvertently reduced the sound to a minimum. First of all, you should suspect the breakdown of the speaker. Also, the reason that you cannot hear the person on the other end when talking by IPhone may be a malfunction of the audio codec.

Sometimes sound disappears during a conversation, when the phone believes that headphones are connected to it. Try to insert the headphones into the audio jack and pull out sharply. If the audio jack and the loop connected to it are in order, this simple measure will help. Also, you should clean the audio channel – it is possible that you cannot hear the person on the other end due to dirt getting into the speaker hole.

The fastest and safest way to find out why you cannot hear the person when talking by iPhone is to turn to the help of specialists. Our service center provides diagnostics of devices. Mr Fix professionals will quickly determine the exact reason why there is not sound in your iPhone and then suggest solutions to the problem. Depending on the specific problem, the repair of the device will take from one hour to two working days.

You can hear the person on the other end not well

When you hear the person on the other end not well when talking by iPhone, communication becomes difficult. Extraneous sounds, quiet sound, sound breaks – this is a set of problems when the person is hard to hear.

Sometimes you hear the person not well, not due to breakdowns, but because of your inattention. Therefore, before falling into panic, you can experiment with the volume buttons on the side of iPhone body. In addition, you can restart the gadget, update the operating system and, if possible, restore the device using iTunes.

Our service center performs comprehensive diagnostics of Apple devices. Mr Fix experts will find out why, when talking by iPhone, the person is hard to hear, and if necessary, they will promptly perform the necessary work:

  • rewiring the audio codec;
  • replacing the loop;
  • repairing iPhone microphone.

Mr Fix specialists can help you to fix not just iPhone conversation problems, but also iPhone general problems and iPhone network (communication) problems.  Contact us and make your life easier!