Problem: iPhone charger

problem iPhone charger

Apple provides reliable products of the highest quality in the world, but sometimes their owners can face a number of problems. Let’s have a look at iPhone charger problems.

iPhone battery deteriorates fast

If iPhone battery deteriorates quickly, there may be many reasons for this. When using a smartphone for a year or more, the problem is most likely caused by a natural loss of battery capacity after 400-600 charging cycles. According to the manufacturer, after 500 full charges, the battery capacity reduces by 20 percent and with each subsequent charge the battery power level will fall. In this case, the user has to accept the situation, or replace the battery.

With new Apple devices, things are much more serious, since the discharge of the battery can be caused by a number of different factors, ranging from system failure and ending with rupture of loops or breakdown of parts of the smartphone. To understand the reason for premature battery discharge, you need to study in more detail the main factors affecting the operation of Apple device.

If iPhone deteriorates quickly, it is often accompanied by slow charging. The battery of a new smartphone charges fully in 3-4 hours. In the case when the charge of the phone lasts slowly – 10 hours and more, there can be many reasons for this failure. It is necessary to distinguish the main ones:

  • software failure;
  • pollution of Lightning port;
  • use of non-original charger;
  • USB port malfunction;
  • breakage of internal components.

Advantages of repairing a smartphone in Mr Fix

If your iPhone began to deteriorate quickly during active use, in autonomous or in standby modes and does not fully charge during the night, try turning it off and on again. If this does not solve the problem, turn to Mr Fix specialists. IPhone repair in Mr Fix has the following advantages:

  • diagnostics when ordering repairs;
  • prompt troubleshooting;
  • affordable repair cost;
  • use of original spare parts.

Our professional will repair your iPhone in a short time with a guarantee for all work performed.

iPhone heats up

Many owners of Apple smartphones worry about the fact that their iPhones heat up. Before you think about a possible phone breakdown and a visit to a service center, pay attention to the circumstances in which iPhone can heat up.

What is the norm?

For example, if iPhone heats up when charging, there is no cause for concern at all. Apple phones are mini-computers that consume a huge amount of energy. They have such a device, which cannot but heat up when charging. Also the absolute norm is a small heating of iPhone in the following circumstances:

  • when watching a video for a long time;
  • when working on the Internet and viewing several pages at once;
  • when using several programs at once (player, Skype, geolocation);
  • when using the camera in recording mode for a long time.

Also, iPhones often heat up in such cases:

  • when using various programs for video editing or photo processing;
  • when playing games with modern graphics;
  • while talking on the smartphone connected to the charger.

In a word, the harder the processor works and the more tasks it processes in one unit of time, the more your iPhone heats up.

You should worry only when, along with the heating of iPhone body, there are other negative aspects of the mobile device functioning. You can think about repairing your phone if you notice the following signs of failure:

  • iPhone charges unusually for a long time;
  • iPhone deteriorates very quickly;
  • iPhone abruptly turns off when it heats up;
  • when iPhone heats up, speakers do not work properly;

The causes of heating in these cases may be battery failures or other problems with your device. Internal problems occur when you damage iPhone body or water gets into iPhone. The cause of internal problems can also be the repeated use of the charger, which is not “native” for your iPhone model.

Types of repair

Only a professional can find out the cause of the breakdown if your phone becomes hot while working. Most often in these cases the battery is to blame, especially if your smartphone deteriorates quickly or involuntarily turns off after it gets hot. The battery cannot be repaired; you just need to replace it.

If your battery has been hot for a long time, some screen loops and another “filling” of the smartphone could be damaged. Misterfix professionals will not just identify quickly, but also fix the damage, which is difficult to determine on your own.

If your battery or the upper part of iPhone heats up when you surf the Internet, watch videos, play games or talk via Skype, and the phone quickly discharges and finally deteriorates, turn to Misterfix for professional help.

iPhone does not charge

If your iPhone does not charge, do not rush to carry it to a service center. To begin with, eliminate fault options that do not require professional assistance. There may be several situations when iPhone does not charge.

The most common reason can be a damaged charger cable. Check the connection points of the cord with the plug and the input device for the connector, as well as iPhone cable itself along the entire length.

To make sure that the cause is really in charger cable, plug in some other Apple device or find a working original iPhone cable. Also, if your iPhone does not charge, check the working status of the following mechanisms:

  • sockets (if you charge via electricity supply network);
  • car or computer USB connector (if you charge from a PC, laptop or car);
  • autonomous charger (if you charge from a portable battery)

If the devices are in order, proceed to the analysis of other conditions under which iPhone battery refuses to work.

Professional help

You can order Mr Fix services if you encounter such situations:

  • device does not charge;
  • charge indicator does not show percentage correctly;

Without special skills and knowledge, it is better not to disassemble iPhone on your own. You can fail in coping with internal breakage and damage other parts, which significantly increases the cost of restoration and it will becone time-consuming. Repairing gadgets after incorrect recovery attempts is often more expensive. Therefore, if your iPhone does not charge, leave a request for iPhone repair on Mr Fix website.

Bad contact

Some iPhone owners face the fact that iPhone does not see the charge or charges half the time. This phone is quite reliable, but there are cases when, for various reasons, it gets out of order. You should know that if the gadget has stopped charging, various factors may contribute to this.

There are several obvious signs that indicate a malfunction of the charging circuit in iPhone. These include the following:

  • the phone is connected to the electricity supply network, but the charge indicator does not work or shows incorrect data;
  • the device turns off before the battery is fully charged;
  • device does not see the charge;
  • iPhone works only from the electricity supply network;
  • iPhone charges if you move the cord in the connector.

You should immediately pay attention to these signs, as they indicate that your iPhone has stopped working properly.

Why is it better to turn to Mr Fix?

If iPhone does not charge, you can take it to Mr Fix service center. Qualified specialists quickly determine the cause of the breakdown, according to which iPhone does not charge properly.

If necessary, Mr Fix professionals will replace damaged parts with new, original ones. Upon completion, you will receive a fully functioning smartphone with a guarantee.

If iPhone does not see the charge, do not waste time, immediately contact Mr Fix experts, they will restore the operation of the gadget accurately and quickly. Mr Fix If iPhone does not see the charge, do not waste time, immediately contact Mr Fix experts, they will restore the operation of the gadget accurately and quickly.

Mr Fix specialists can help you to fix not just iPhone charger problems, but also iPhone vibration and iPhone speakers problems.  Contact us and make your life easier!