Problem: iPhone cameras

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Apple is considered to be very reliable, but many users often encounter the fact that iPhone camera does not work properly. Smartphone owners immediately have questions about what to do in such a situation, what measures to take and make pictures of high quality again. Initially, it is necessary to find out which of iPhone cameras got out of order (frontal, rear, or both) and understand the causes of the malfunction.

iPhone camera does not focus

In most cases, the cause of camera breakage (lack of focus), even in new iPhone models, is mechanical damage to the protective glass or simple dustiness of the lens. However, in some cases, the reasons that the camera does not focus may be quite different.

Common causes of malfunctioning of the front and rear cameras are the following:

  • moisture ingress;
  • failure of software settings;
  • failure of the camera module, lens, loop.

Finding out the reason why the camera does not focus is not always easy for iPhone owner. However, when there are signs that iPhone camera is not focusing well or other malfunctions have appeared in the device, it is necessary to eliminate them immediately.

Why cannot you take pictures in focus?

If you like to take photos often, using both the rear and front iPhone cameras, the failure of at least one of them will be quite unpleasant.

iPhone owners can observe the following signs of camera failure:

  • dark screen;
  • image is blurry, camera does not focus;
  • flash does not work in the forced mode;
  • pictures are non-contrast.

A common reason that the rear or front camera doesn’t shoot is the lack of free memory on iPhone. To avoid unexpected problems when shooting to the front or rear camera, regularly synchronize your device with the storage, which will free up the memory of the phone and you will continue to take bright pictures.

Ways to eliminate damage to the device

Lack of focus is, at first glance, a rather unpleasant problem. However, owners can try to solve it in several ways on their own.

If the camera does not focus, try the following:

  • make sure your camera’s lens is clean – clean it with a special microfiber cloth;
  • try to take a picture without additional accessories;
  • when shooting, adjust the focus manually;
  • reboot the camera function.

You can also reboot your smartphone or try to reset all settings, but do not forget to back up your data before that. If the camera does not focus after the listed actions, contact an experienced Mr Fix specialist for help.

What to do if iPhone does not focus?

If your camera does not focus, and all attempts to repair the device on your own did not bring a positive effect, use the services of experienced Mr Fix professionals. Our certified specialists perform iPhone repair at a high professional level and in a short time.

Using Mr Fix services is beneficial for many reasons:

  • affordable prices for servicing Apple devices;
  • guarantee for all types of repair work;
  • operational diagnostics and repair of devices.

iPhone camera does not work

If iPhone camera does not work, then the possibilities of full use of the device are limited. The causes of the malfunction may be different, but there are effective ways to restore the working capacity of the smartphone on your own.

Causes of failure

During the active use of iPhone, unforeseen circumstances may occur, as a result of which the front or rear cameras get out of order. Your camera does not work as a result of such factors:

  • bounce;
  • update download;
  • viruses in the device;
  • ingress of moisture.

It happens that the front camera is working, and when you switch to the rear one, a dark screen appears. This may indicate a malfunction of some parts in the phone, but sometimes software failures are the source of the problem.

Signs of smartphone functions failure

If there are situations when the camera is turned on, but the screen says “the flash is turned off, the device requires cooling”, although there was no overheating, this is a clear sign of a breakdown. In addition, there are a number of factors indicating the inoperability of the camera. Here are some of them:

  • camera turns on for a long time;
  • photos are blurred, wrong color transfer;
  • flashlight does not turn on;
  • camera freezes up when turned on;
  • no flash;
  • application disappeared.

To find out the reason why you make blurry photos, the image does not focus well, and the camera doesn’t work at all, you can perform several actions yourself or use the services of Misterfix professionals.

How to restore the full work of smartphone?

If your phone is under warranty, it is better to contact the service center to restore all the functions.

To start the camera on your own, which freezes up after the update, does not turn on after falling, reports that cooling is required, you can perform some effective techniques.

Close the application through the multitasking screen and run it again from the home page. If this does not help, then try to turn on (turn off) the power saving mode in the mobile device and switch the cameras from front to rear until the dark screen disappears. You can also:

  • reboot the device (at the same time hold down the “Home” and “Sleep” buttons until the Apple logo appears);
  • perform a full reset;
  • install the current firmware through DFU mode.

If these actions do not solve the problem, then the cause of the malfunction is mechanical damage to the parts.

If you have the knowledge and experience in restoring the functionality of the cameras, you can independently disassemble and repair the device. Otherwise, you only aggravate the breakdown and increase the cost of repair.

Advantages of professional help from specialists

In Mr Fix service center, specialists repair Apple devices of all models. If iPhone camera does not work, our qualified specialists perform the following actions:

  • smartphone diagnostics;
  • assessment of all functions performance, if necessary, their setting;
  • replacement of damaged parts (glass, flashes, loops, etc.) with original ones;
  • cleaning of the smartphone body from dust, glass of a lens from spots and stains;
  • check of the camera functionality after repair.

To identify the cause of the fault, Mr Fix specialists use professional equipment and special tools. They know how to replace the necessary parts effectively. After repair, our specialist takes pictures, checks the image quality and gives a guarantee on the work.

Mr Fix specialists can help you fix not just iPhone camera problems, but also iPhone screen and iPhone buttons problems.  Contact us and make your life easier!