Problem: iPhone buttons

iPhone7 home button replacement

iPhone is one of the most reliable phones of our time, but even it can get out of order. Let’s have a look at iPhone buttons problems.

Ring / silent button does not work

You may notice that you can switch to silent mode and back half the time.  In this case, it will be difficult to use iPhone in the normal way: when the call is muted, you can skip an important call, and the inability to turn on silent mode can lead to an unpleasant situation due to a loud call during a meeting or other official event.

Why doesn’t ring / silent button work?

There are several possible reasons:

  • button malfunction;
  • faulty loop;
  • faulty vibration motor;
  • faulty electronics.

The simplest option is a button fault. It can get out of order due to intrusion of dust or ingress of moisture, as well as due to mechanical wear. In the first case, it is enough to clean the button, and in the second – you need to replace it.

It is much more difficult to deal with the loop. On the one hand, the breakdown may be not serious (retreated or oxidized contacts), and on the other hand, a break in the conductor inside the loop is possible.

Malfunction of the vibration motor occurs not often, but it can also fail due to moisture ingress or a shock from falling. Vibration mode will not work. In this case, the vibration motor must be replaced with a new one. But the most complex is considered burnt chip. If specialists replace the button or loop easily, then the chip will have to be soldered.

You can turn to professionals, such as employees of our Mr Fix service center. We can repair any Apple gadget. And we use only original spare parts.

Power button does not work

If iPhone power button does not work, you can still turn the device on and off using some tricks. A non-working power button on a smartphone can cause a number of inconveniences, so you need to solve this problem as soon as possible, especially if the breakdown occurred due to mechanical damage.

But if you urgently need to turn on your iPhone, but the button does not work and you cannot press it, use our recommendations.

Causes of failure

There are only a few buttons on Apple smartphones. The main one is the power button. It is responsible for enabling you to turn on the device and start using it. iPhone owners also use it to lock and unlock the screen.

Breakage of iPhone button can be caused by the following reasons:

  • mechanical damage;
  • failure of the loop (then you need a new loop);
  • ingress of moisture;
  • button falling;
  • software failure in the operating system without visible damage to the button.

The button can fall and stop working after hard pressing, so you should not make great efforts when turning on or locking the screen, pressing hard.

With the defective power button, you can use iPhone for its intended purpose, but the comfort of operation will greatly decrease.

What to do if you need to turn off the phone?

If the power button does not work, and you need to turn off the smartphone, you can use several methods. There are two effective ways:

  • wait for the battery to run down and the smartphone turns itself off;
  • turn off the phone using Assistive Touch.

How to turn on the smartphone?

When the button broke and the smartphone does not work, but you need to turn it on urgently, there is only one proven method. To do this, you need an outlet and a charger for iPhone.

Next, do the following:

  • connect the smartphone to the charger;
  • plug in the charger;
  • wait 10-20 minutes if the battery has been completely discharged.

Connecting iPhone to the charger will cause the device to turn on. If this does not happen and after 20 minutes of charging, and you see a black screen, you should exclude the breakage of accessories. Check if the outlet, the wire or the charge itself could break. Sometimes the cause of the problem lies in them.

Once in a while you can try a hard reset. To do this, simultaneously hold down the power button and the home button. Hold the button for 12-20 seconds, until the black screen shows Apple logo. This method does not work with a faulty button, especially if it is deformed or does not work due to mechanical damage.

How to fix iPhone button?

All the above recommendations for launching iPhone, if the malfunctioning power button does not work, are temporary. If the button gets out of order due to mechanical damage, software failure of the operating system, you can contact experienced Mr Fix specialists, offering an affordable repair cost.

Our specialists will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the device to find out what caused the button to break. Mr Fix team provides the following types of repair services:

  • replacement of a loop;
  • replacement of iPhone button;
  • elimination of operating system software failure.

A new loop after mechanical damage or ingress of moisture will eliminate the problem of a faulty button. Also Mr Fix specialists will perform all the necessary settings if the button gets out of order due to a software failure, and it does not work. The cost of repair depends on the phone model and the reasons why the button refuses to work.

If iPhone power button does not work, you cannot fix it yourself. Our specialists will help you replace the loop and other elements. You can order Mr Fix services by filling out a simple application.

Now you know what to do if the power button does not work on your iPhone, and you urgently need to use it. Mr Fix specialists can help you fix not just iPhone buttons problems, but also iPhone camera and iPhone back case problems.  Contact us and make your life easier!