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Problem: iPhone back case

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Apple smartphones are image gadgets. No matter what high-quality materials they use for making iPhone body, without a cover, scratches and even cracks invariably appear on it. In order not to replace iPhone body, you should extremely carefully treat your phone. We strongly recommend you to wear the device in a phone cover or using a protective film. iPhone body is, in fact, the “face” of the owner, and it speaks better than any words about the responsibility and even the character of the person. That is why it is so important to keep your phone in perfect order. However sometimes there are situations when you can face a number of problems. Let’s have a look at iPhone battery door problems.

Scratched back case on iPhone

Scratches and scuffs often appear on iPhone back case. This problem is purely aesthetic and does not affect the functioning of the device. The main reasons for scratching iPhone body are inaccurate handling and dropping the smartphone. Also, scratches appear because of prolonged use of the device as a result of wear.

How to get rid of scratches on iPhone body?

There are several ways to eliminate scratches from the surface of the device. The most effective options are the following:

1. Use fine sandpaper. It is important to choose the right grain of paper and after that it is enough to polish those places where scratches appeared.

2. Car scratch removal cream can also solve the problem. To do this, put a small amount of it on a cotton pad and wipe the body of the smartphone with circular motions.

It is important to understand that the use of these methods does not always allow iPhone owners to solve fully the problem that has arisen. In addition, in case of negligence, you can cause additional damage to the body of the smartphone.

Professional iPhone repair

If your attempts to restore the original appearance of the gadget failed, or you decided to entrust the professionals to eliminate this problem, you can contact our service center for help. Qualified Mr Fix professionals know how to fix the problem with iPhone body as quickly as possible.

Broken back case on iPhone

Mobile phones from Apple are famous for having a strong case and high quality. In iPhone 5, the back case is made of aluminum, which increases durability. But, unfortunately, even metal parts do not save from strong blows, and in some cases the body may simply break apart. You can try to protect your phone with a good, durable phone cover, but when dropped from a height onto a hard surface, it will not save your iPhone either.

The purpose of iPhone back case is to protect the internal parts of the phone from dirt and moisture. Therefore, its absence or a damaged state may entail other faults. To avoid this, you can contact Mr Fix service center. Our specialists know how to repair iPhone back case quickly and accurately.

iPhone back case repair

A broken iPhone body or back case cannot be repaired, you can try to glue them together, but the reliability of such a part will leave much to be desired. Therefore, it is better for iPhone users to replace the back case. By contacting Mr Fix, you will receive:

1. Timely quick repair, completely restoring the appearance of the device.

2. Our specialists use modern tools that allow repair iPhone to a good quality.

3. Our experts use only original components that increase the service life of the phone by several times, compared with cheaper, but completely unreliable Chinese counterparts.

4. Due to the large selection of back cases, you can change the color of your phone to any one you like.

Cracked back case

iPhone is a device that requires a careful attitude. But unfortunately, not all owners of such devices treat them properly. Some, if the back case of iPhone is cracked, try to replace it on their own, and their actions further aggravate the situation. Loops of the device are very fragile, and an inexperienced person who starts repairing the phone can cause damage to it, which will cause even greater costs. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to handle the device with care, and if you still fail, then you can order Mr Fix services where real professionals work.

What to do if iPhone back case cracked?

If iPhone back case cracked, each of you can always turn to our Mr Fix service center for help, where experienced specialists regularly encounter similar problems and effectively eliminate them. For such a procedure, we have specialized equipment and original components. The process of replacing the back case on iPhone is not the easiest and requires careful actions.

If you really love your phone, want to update its body or this problem arose unexpectedly, then our service staff will cope with your tasks as soon as possible and at a high level. At the same time, the cost of our services is quite affordable. By ordering the service in Mr Fix, you will receive your smartphone in an updated form. Our specialists will quickly provide the necessary assistance, returning not only the appearance of the device, but also its normal performance. Often, a back case crack may cause other problems, such as ingress of moisture and damage to internal mechanisms, as a result of which repairs can be much more expensive. We advise you not to delay the repair and take the “patient” to our service centre as soon as possible.

Mr Fix specialists can help you fix not just iPhone back case, but also iPhone buttons and other iPhone problems.  Contact us and we will return original appearance to your smartphone!