New iPhone 11: the essentials to know


While the name of iPhone 11 has not been confirmed yet, it seems to be logical to call it so. The new device is expected in September with a range of new features: from the performance differences to the design upgrades. Here is what to expect from a new Apple Phone:

  • A13 processor which would make the device run smoother regardless of the gigabytes of information you store on it;
  • New OS (iOS 13) whose release is about to be offered to the word at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3;
  • 3 back rare cameras for greater resolution images
  • Reverse charging which would allow users charging one iPhone 11 from another one basically using the latter as a power bank.

Besides that, you can also expect the new release of Apple Watch, MacOS, and even renewed designs of Mac computers (click for repair) and iPads.