Laptop keyboard replacing

Laptop Keyboard replacement

The laptop keyboard is constantly subjected to mechanical stress, suffers from a careless attitude towards itself, as a result of which it completely or partially fails. Most often, individual keys are broken on the keyboard or filled with liquids. In the first case, if the keys are not damaged on the substrate, then you can try to find similar keys and replace them. Only a specialist can say for sure whether it is possible to do this or not, so you can bring a laptop to Mr. Fix service center. In the second case, due to moisture, the keyboard becomes inoperative and such problems cannot be fixed – you need to install a new one. Also, the keyboard does not like dust and wool, which are clogged into the space between the keys and is the reason for the failure of individual ones. Such malfunctions can be resolved by disassembling and cleaning the keyboard.

When replacing a keyboard that has spilled liquid, you must carefully inspect the laptop’s motherboard. One drop that fell on it will be enough so that over time the affected electronic components and PCB conductors are corroded and cease to fulfill their functions.

Repairing a laptop after the ingress of moisture is not simple and not cheap. And it is not always possible to complete it successfully. When replacing a flooded keyboard, the engineers of our service center must inspect the board and if they see signs of flooding, then after agreement with the owner, they will eliminate the consequences.

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