Laptop charging port replacement

Laptop Charging port replacement

Any device may need replacement the laptop power connector, regardless of its model and manufacturer. As a result of mechanical impact (falling, excessive pressure from the side of the power cable, etc.), the connector may be damaged inside, and contacts may break out of the motherboard. With such a malfunction, the connector itself and the plug start to get very hot or even sparkle, the laptop only charges at a certain position of the plug, the charging indication disappears, and even a part of the motherboard may burn out. To prevent such adverse effects, you just need to contact our service center and get professional help from high-class specialists.

      Repair of the laptop charging port and its features

      A process such as replacement or repairing a laptop’s charging port has some important features. Firstly, it is far from easy to find the port suitable for a particular laptop. There are simply no universal connectors, and even one manufacturer may have several varieties. Secondly, during the repair process, your device will need special equipment (soldering station). Thirdly, the degree of damage to the port can be different, therefore, only a good specialist can identify and fix the malfunction.

      Our service center successfully repairs and replaces charging ports for a wide variety of laptop models. The entire repair process takes not much time. We always have the most popular types of connectors available; in our work, we use only high-quality professional equipment. Our experts have many years of experience in the field of laptop repair and regularly improve their skills. And we give a warranty for the work performed.

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