Is It OK To Leave Your Iphone Charging All Night?

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Today smartphones are an integral part of our life. We use them so often that we have to charge the batteries of our mobile devices almost every day, and sometimes more often. Due to the fact that we leave smartphones alone at night, it is at this time of the day that the charging process takes place. But is it worth leaving the gadget connected to the network overnight, because initially the manufacturers insisted that too long charging leads to battery wear?

Can I charge my iPhone overnight?

Battery University experts conducted a series of studies on lithium-ion batteries in modern devices and shared the test results on their website. They stated that there is absolutely no risk in leaving the iPhone charged overnight.

Even older iPhones 7 have a battery charging controller. It cuts off the current flow when the smartphone battery is fully charged. Thanks to this controller, the iPhone can be safely left on charge for any period. The board will verify that the battery is charged and stop charging.

Moreover, Battery University stressed that keeping the iPhone on charge throughout the night can extend the life of the smartphone’s battery, and quite decently. The fact is that the iPhone consumes energy even at night. In some cases, users even notice that up to 10-20% of the charge “leaks” from their iPhone overnight.

If the iPhone is connected to the network, then the load on its battery is reduced to a minimum. The smartphone works, like a laptop. And this positively affects the state of the battery, especially over a long time of using the iPhone, experts said.

However, there are important exceptions that all users should be aware of.

When can an iPhone not be left on charge overnight?

Firstly, if you are using a non-original charger, it is not recommended to leave the iPhone connected to the charger overnight. We are talking about cheap, most often Chinese chargers, which can be unsafe to use during the day. If you have a non-original, but Apple-approved charger (made for iPhone), then there is nothing to be afraid of.

Secondly, it is better not to leave the iPhone on charging overnight if the smartphone was repaired by not the most professional technicians. Simply put, if you have repaired your iPhone in a “round the corner” service, whose employees have installed non-original or substandard components in your smartphone, then there is a risk of problems when the iPhone is connected to the charger for a long time.

And thirdly, do not leave the iPhone on charging overnight if weather conditions do not allow it. As you know, lightning strikes can be damage appliances connected to an outlet, and the iPhone is no exception. 

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