iPhone Xs Repair

iPhone Xs screen crack

Replacement of the broken screen in iPhones is one of the most common services we offer. For some reason, exactly these phones suffer most from the carelessness of their owners.

In this case, the iPhone Xs dropped on the pavement and hit the ground on one side of it. Luckily, the owner was still able to use the phone, and hence none of the inner parts of this iPhone were affected by the fall. Nevertheless, following the best practices for iPhone service, Mr. Fix cell phone repair specialists always conduct an initial examination of the phone’s inner parts after the falls. The examination confirmed that there is no major damage except for the shattered screen so we only replaced the screen for the owner. The whole procedure took us about half an hour plus 15 minutes for the pre-and post-testing of the phone’s functionalities.

Whenever you drop your iPhone, we highly recommend you come to any of Mr. Fix stores to ensure that no damage is done it its functionalities. Remember that such basic examinations are free and never last for more than a quarter of an hour.