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iPhone X broken screen

iPhone Xs screen crack

The cracks on iPhone X screens are common, too common in fact. They appear not only when the phone falls out of your pocket or purse, but also when it is saved together with the keys or when you accidentally hit the door with the pocket and the iPhone in it. The minor cracks that you can spot at the bottom of the phone in the picture above are the traditional wear and tear signs for these phones.

The service in such cases is simple: it is either replacement of the front glass for the phone or replacement of the protective cover. Please note that Mr. Fix does not recommend the second option since this is a temporary solution; yet it can get you through until you get to the service. In this case, Ben asked for the screen replacement and our technicians completed it in 30 minutes while Ben enjoyed hot coffee on our couch. Don’t worry iPhone X broken screen is a common issue for us so we can replace a broken or shattered piece in a split second for you!