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iPhone motherboard repairing.

If you dropped your iPhone, it might no longer function properly. If your iPhone’s motherboard has failed, visit any Mr. Fix service center immediately. Our team of highly trained professionals will expertly repair all of the problems with your iPhone’s motherboard. In addition to this, you also have the option to place an order for repairs by using the link that follows.


Most consumers have experienced problems with their motherboards, the most prevalent of which are as follows: water damage, inability to turn on, getting stuck in Apple Logo / Boot Loop, touch failure, inability to restore iTunes, password loop, and random rebooting of itself.

If turning on your phone usually causes it to vibrate, but the screen remains dark this time, a malfunctioning motherboard may cause the problem. In some other instances, the display could act irregularly, or it might go haywire.

Even though a motherboard is a vital component of your iPhone, it is not always simple to determine whether or not it needs to be repaired. It is possible to repair damage to the motherboard of an iPhone. Because of the complexity involved, repairs to motherboards often take between one and two days to complete when performed by our qualified technicians. Apple does not, under any circumstances, repair circuit boards for devices owned by customers.

In the field of phone repair, a hot air gun is used the most frequently, and the technical requirements for specialists are also highly stringent. A hot air gun is required for both the process of soldering and desoldering components on a motherboard.

Tools specifically designed for micro soldering are required to get access to, remove, repair, or replace the tiny chips on your phone’s motherboard. Without these more advanced capabilities, it is impossible to repair phone motherboards that have been damaged.

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