iPhone general problems

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The modern world offers people a lot of solutions that differ in many characteristics. For example, the well-known company Apple has been creating unique smartphones and other devices for many years. These devices attract customers with amazing technical “filling”, a unique look and other second to none features that bring out Apple products among the number of other mobile devices. However, iPhone also can get out of order. So let’s have a look at several general problems.

Wi-Fi does not work

If you often surf the Internet, the reception quality of a wireless network is very important. Therefore, when Wi-Fi stops working on iPhone properly, this can become a very unpleasant problem. You can try to restore the device yourself or turn to experienced specialists.


There are reasons why Wi-Fi on iPhone can stop working:

  • hardware failure;
  • software failure;
  • random reset;
  • mechanical damage to the device;
  • moisture ingress.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not work due to software failure?

It happens that Wi-Fi freezes up and functions poorly due to system errors. Often the cause of it is a software failure after updating the operating system. However, there are other software reasons because of which Wi-Fi does not work quickly or does not turn on at all.

If iPhone has stopped functioning normally, Wi-Fi does not work at all, the icon is gray or you have detected other signs of a malfunction, try the following:

  • reboot the router;
  • if the router reboot does not help, make a forced reboot of the mobile device;
  • if Wi-Fi does not work or freezes up, update the operating system;
  • install antivirus;
  • try to connect the mobile Internet.

If these actions do not help, and Wi-Fi still does not work, the problem lies most likely in the hardware.

Professional help

Using Mr Fix services, our well-versed specialists will diagnose the device, determine the cause of the malfunction and repair the Wi-Fi.

Ordering the services of our certified professionals is beneficial for many reasons:

  • only high-quality components and spare parts are used for the repair of iPhone;
  • we have all the necessary equipment and tools;

iPhone does not turn on

The reasons for iPhone failure can be software and hardware. In cases when iPhone freezes up or turns off, because it is incorrectly configured, most likely, you can fix it on your own. At home, you can also disconnect and connect the battery if you have experience disassembling iPhone and you have required tools.

If iPhone does not turn on due to complex hardware malfunctions, it is better to contact a qualified specialist immediately. You can visit Apple service center if you suspect a factory defect. And urgently turn to Mr Fix if you spill a liquid on your iPhone: tea, coffee, juice or another drink. It is important to clean the contact pads and boards in time to prevent corrosion inside your iPhone.

Basically, problems with iPhone (difficulties with turning on) arise for the following reasons:

  • the battery was completely discharged or was in the cold (in this case, you need to wait – the phone does not turn on only temporarily);
  • you dropped your smartphone;
  • it was incorrectly repaired;
  • you spill a liquid on your iPhone;
  • manufacturing defect of parts (for example, a power controller, a U2 chip, or a battery – the phone will not turn on without them);
  • software malfunction;
  • you use a broken charger;

Professional help

First make sure that the battery is charged. Connect your iPhone to the original charger and tap “Power”. The device quickly turns on in normal conditions, but if iPhone has not worked for a long time, then, most likely, the battery went into deep discharge mode and you need to wait about half an hour. Check if the charger heats up and there is no contamination in the connector. Perhaps iPhone does not start, as there is not enough current (this happens in the case of using cheap chargers and connecting the battery to the USB port of the computer).

If everything is in order with iOS and iPhone applications, contact Mr Fix specialists.

Of course, having the necessary tools, you will be able to disassemble iPhone and, for example, disconnect and connect the battery on your own. But without experience and qualifications, you can accidentally damage other parts and, of course, violate warranty conditions.

IPhone owners with a valid warranty can contact the service center employees, make repairs free of charge. If the warranty is violated (for example, because of ingress of moisture or blow that requires replacing the body), the best way to solve the problem is to contact Mr Fix.

Advantages of Mr Fix service centre:

  • our specialists quickly and accurately find the cause of the breakdown, if iPhone constantly turns off, does not respond to buttons, or does not work at all;
  • our professionals set reasonable prices;
  • our team uses only original Apple parts (batteries, power controllers, etc.) and professional tools.

Moisture ingress

If water or other liquid gets into iPhone – regardless of its quantity, immediately turn off your phone, dry it and contact the service center! Further operation or re-activation of the device may lead to serious short circuits and corrosion of metal elements. As a result, the repair of iPhone due to the ingress of water will become very difficult or even impossible.

Even if you turn off the smartphone after the moisture ingress, it will require a full diagnosis for damage. Diagnosing iPhone will help assess the scale of the problem. In most cases, a replacement of the screen, sensor and buttons is required – this is the simplest operation that will not affect the safety of data and the operation of your gadget.

After water gets into iPhone, bring it to Mr Fix service center as soon as possible. We will make every effort to bring your phone back to life on the same day. Experience shows that after getting water into iPhone, repairs are possible in 98 percent of the cases. The main thing is to turn off the device and act quickly.

iPhone asks for iTunes

When using iPhone, it can ask to connect iTunes. The operation of the gadget at the same time becomes impossible and therefore you should immediately deal with the elimination of the problem.

If iPhone requests iTunes, even after resetting, you need to turn to Mr Fix specialists. You will be able to troubleshoot the problem quickly when contacting our service center. Qualified employees carry out diagnostics of the smartphone, which allows them to find out the specific cause of the malfunction and find the best way to repair.

You forgot the password

If you enter the wrong password six times on iPhone, the device will be blocked. The only way that is available when you cannot recall the password is to reset the device and delete all data. You can reset the password on iPhone using two methods:

  • using the “Find iPhone” service;
  • through iTunes and the recovery mode.

The most reasonable solution is to entrust this task to professionals. After a simple diagnostics, our service center will call the exact cost of the work and take the necessary steps to recover your iPhone password. In most cases, we can remove protection from the phone without affecting the contact list, media files and your settings.

Phone freezes up (update software)

If iPhone freezes up, then the first thing you should pay attention to is a large number of used applications. iPhone can freeze up even after updating software via the Internet, especially if the “Auto Update” function is active.


If the smartphone regularly freezes up, or the screen turns black by itself, does not respond to locking and unlocking, turn to Mr Fix. Our specialists will diagnose the device, determine the reason why the smartphone does not work properly. After determining the malfunction Mr Fix professionals will do the following:

  • firmware update;
  • replacement of loops on the lock key.

To order repair work, fill in the application in any convenient time.

Mr Fix specialists can help you to fix not just iPhone general problems, but also iPhone back case and iPhone conversation problems.  Contact us and make your life easier!