iPhone Cellular Data Not Working? Here’s The Real Fix

Cellular data is an important feature for many iPhone users because it lets them stay connected to the internet even when Wi-Fi isn’t available. But you’re just one of many having trouble with your cellular data. Luckily, you can take some easy steps to fix the problem.

When cellular data doesn’t function, turn off Airplane Mode. It’s important to turn off this setting because it disables cellular data. Airplane Mode can be turned off in Settings or Control Center.

Then, go to Settings > Cellular and turn on the option next to Cellular Data. In case of a minor software malfunction, toggle Cellular Data off and on.

If the above methods do not resolve the issue, restart your iPhone. Occasionally, a software error can prohibit Cellular Data from functioning properly. To restart your iPhone, press and hold the power button (for iPhone 8 or before) or the side button and the volume button together (for iPhone X or after) until the screen displays “Slide to power off.”

Then, to turn off your iPhone, Swipe the power icon in red and white from left to right. Hold the power button (for iPhone 8 or before) or the side button (for iPhone X or later) until the Apple logo shows in the centre of the screen.

If the problem persists, check for an update to the carrier’s settings. Your wireless carrier and Apple periodically issue updates optimising your iPhone’s network connection. Your iPhone will display a notification when a carrier settings update is available. Always press “Update” when this pop-up appears.

In conclusion, cellular data failures might be irritating, But you can take steps to fix them. You should be able to permanently address the issue by disabling Airplane Mode, activating Cellular Data, restarting your iPhone, and checking for updated carrier settings.