iPhone Back Housing replacing

iPhone8 Plus

iPhone, no matter how many modifications were released, has a solid and rigid body. The basis of the first models was represented with polymeric materials. Modern devices have an anodized aluminum cover, with improved strength or tempered glass, for wireless charging. Back housing replacing is a time-consuming process that requires attention and time. You need to disassemble it and transfer it to the new case.

In most situations, calls to Mr Fix service center and a desire to replace the iPhone case are dictated by the fact that users neglect the simplest operating rules. Specifically, the most common are the following:

  • Mechanical effects
  • iPhone deformations
  • Falls from a great height
  • Chips and scratches after prolonged use

Many iPhone owners are striving to improve the appearance of the device by replacing the aluminum cover with a color one to give the phone more originality and aesthetics. Whatever the root cause, an independent replacement of the iPhone case is extremely not recommended. Trust the specialists of Mr. Fix – The case is inexpensive, therefore the price of such a service will remain at an acceptable level and everyone can afford it. The price of the service, for each model, is indicated in the price list.

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