iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Guide

Did you know that screen replacement of your iPhone 7 is something that you can do by yourself? Once you learn how to replace your iPhone 7 you won’t need to spend a dime at the repair shop. A quick way to be successful at this is to understand how to disconnect the broken display panel. Once you’re done with it, screen replacement will be a walk in the park.

So, let’s begin by following this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Remove Pentalobe Screws

  • Turn off your iPhone 7 and make sure it’s at least 25% charged.
  • Remove the pentalobe screws from the bottom edge of the screen.

Step 2: Tape the Display

  • If the display glass is severely cracked, use packing tape to cover the entire face.

Note: Skip this step if the display is in fine condition.

Step 3: Soften Your Display Glass Adhesive

  • Use iOpener or hairdryer to heat iPhone’s lower edge to make the adhesive soft for easy display glass removal.

Step 4: Use a Suction Cup

  • Put a suction cup on the screen, slightly above your iPhone 7’s home/Touch ID area.
  • Slowly pull the cup until you see a gap between the rear case and the display assembly.

Step 5: Get Spudger to Remove Adhesive

  • Insert the spudger while pulling the suction cup and twist it to make the gap more spacious.
  • Slide/move the spudger carefully to all the corners of your iPhone 7 to break the adhesive from the lower edge to the silent and volume buttons.

Step 6: Pull Suction Cup at 10° Angle

  • Pull the suction cup up to a 10° angle until you see the ribbon cables and logic board.
  • Now, remove the cup from iPhone’s front panel by pulling up the small nub.

Step 7: Move Opening Pick Around the Corners

  • Get a thin pick and run it along the sides between the front panel and rear case to break the rest of the adhesive to remove the screen easily.

Step 8: Detach Panel from the Rear Case

  • Detach the clips to separate the rear case from the panel partially.
  • Carefully and gradually remove the display, just like opening a book.

Step 9: Pull Out the Connector Bracket

  • Use a 1.2mm and 2.4mm screwdriver to open Y000 tri-point screws.
  • Take out the connector bracket.

Step 10: Remove Display Connectors 

  • Use the pointy part of the spudger to pull up the battery connector from its socket.
  • Next, detach the two display connectors from the logic board.

Step 11: Disconnect Front Panel

  • Remove the two Y000/Phillips #000 screws from the front panel to detach the bracket.
  • Doing so will help you disconnect your front panel sensor from its socket attached to the logic board.

Step 12: Detach Display Assembly

  • Slowly hold the display assembly and completely separate it from the rare case.

Step 13: Pull Out Touch ID Sensor Bracket

  • Remove the Y000 screws, which hold the bracket over the Touch ID sensor/home, and take out the bracket. 

Step 14: Pry the Left Edge

  • Disconnect the home sensor cable by prying it beneath the left edge. 
  • Use a thin opening pick to remove the Touch ID sensor/home cable from the back of the display panel.

Note: If it is difficult to pry, use an iOpener or hair dryer over the left edge to soften the adhesive.

Step 15: Remove Touch ID Sensor

  • Lift and remove your Touch ID sensor/home assembly from the front side of your iPhone’s display.

Note: To reassemble or replace your iPhone 7 screen, follow all the above instructions backward (from step 15 to step 1). 

Just like that, you have fixed a problem that would have costed you money however, ensure that you strictly follow the steps to avoid further damage to your iPhone 7. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, contact Mr Fix’s specialists for professional help.