iPhone 7 Screen Replacement – Step by Step Guide

how to replace iphone 7 screen

You can learn how to replace your iPhone 7 screen if you know the correct ways. A quick way to be successful on this job is to understand how to disconnect the broken display panel. Once you’re done with it, screen replacement will be a piece of cake. 

So, let’s begin with the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Remove Pentalobe Screws

  • Turn off your iPhone 7 and make sure it’s at least 25% charged.
  • Remove the pentalobe screws from the bottom edge.

Step 2: Tape the Display

  • If the display glass is severely cracked, use packing tape to cover the entire face.

Note: Skip this step if the display is in fine condition.

Step 3: Soften Your Display Glass Adhesive

  • Use iOpener or hairdryer to heat iPhone’s lower edge to make the adhesive soft for easy display glass removal.

Step 4: Use a Suction Cup

  • Put a suction cup on the screen, slightly above your iPhone 7’s home/Touch ID area.
  • Gradually pull the cup until you see a gap between the rear case and the display assembly.

Step 5: Get Spudger to Remove Adhesive

  • Insert the spudger while pulling the suction cup and twist it to make the gap more spacious.
  • Slide/move the spudger carefully to all the corners of your iPhone 7 to break the adhesive –from the lower edge to the silent and volume buttons.

Step 6: Pull Suction Cup at 10° Angle

  • Pull the suction cup up to a 10° angle until you see the ribbon cables and logic board.
  • Now, remove the cup from iPhone’s front panel by pulling up the small nub

Step 7: Move Opening Pick Around the Corners

  • Get a thin pick and run it along the sides between the front panel and rear case to break the rest of the adhesive to remove the screen easily.

Step 8: Detach Panel from the Rear Case

  • Detach the clips to separate the rear case from the panel partially.
  • Carefully and gradually remove the display, just like opening a book.

Step 9: Pull Out the Connector Bracket

  • Use a 1.2mm and 2.4mm screwdriver to open Y000 tri-point screws.
  • Take out the connector bracket

Step 10: Remove Display Connectors 

  • Use the pointy part of the spudger to pull up the battery connector from its socket.
  • Next, detach two display connectors from the logic board.

Step 11: Disconnect Front Panel

  • Remove the two Y000/Phillips #000 screws from the front panel to detach the bracket.
  • Doing so will help you disconnect your front panel sensor from its socket attached to the logic board.

Step 12: Detach Display Assembly

  • Slowly hold the display assembly and completely separate it from the rare case.

Step 13: Pull Out Touch ID Sensor Bracket

  • Remove the Y000 screws, which hold the bracket over the Touch ID sensor/home, and take out the bracket. 

Step 14: Pry the Left Edge

  • Disconnect the home sensor cable by prying it beneath the left edge. 
  • Use a thin opening pick to remove the Touch ID sensor/home cable from the back of the display panel.

Note: If it is difficult to pry, use an iOpener or hair dryer over the left edge to soften the adhesive.

Step 15: Remove Touch ID Sensor

  • Lift and remove your Touch ID sensor/home assembly from the front side of your iPhone’s display.

Note: To reassemble or replace your iPhone 7 screen, follow all the above instructions backward (from step 15 to step 1). 

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