iPhone 6 Glass and LCD replacement

iPhone6 Screen replacement

If you require an iPhone 6 glass and LCD replacement, we can offer a large number of solutions for different needs and budgets. However, if you want to eliminate the risk of further defects and achieve a reference image quality, the best solution is to replace the iPhone 6 glass and LCD with an original or comparable equivalent.

Replacing glass and LCD is a simple operation, but it also requires specialized tools and experience. Inadequate repairs can damage the display or iPhone case; in order to save customers from risk, even this type of repair is accompanied by a warranty of the service center.

iPhone 6 should be less vulnerable to mechanical stress than its predecessor, but if the display of your most advanced phone in the world is broken, there is no reason to worry.

Why is a screen replacement required on the iPhone 6?

Apple phones rarely encounter manufacturing defects. But, nothing will insure them from falling out of hands, due to the carelessness or negligence of users. Accidental blow or shaking along with sharp objects in your pocket damage the iPhone 6 screen seriously. What to do, if:

  • iPhone 6 fell into the water or remained in the rain
  • Hit hard on a hard surface
  • Scratched or cracked under heavyweight

Contact Mr. Fix service center. We will quickly perform a comprehensive diagnosis and bring the phone back to life.

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