iPhone 12 back glass replacement

Broken rear glass on an iPhone 12 is a distressing sight. Sadly, there are increasing concerns about how easily the iPhone 12 breaks or cracks. As you are all aware, fixing the equipment is expensive. We think prevention is preferable to treatment because of this.

Unfortunately, a lot of iPhone 12 owners reported that the back glass cracked even under what seemed to be typical use circumstances. They attribute these evil occurrences to the design and the substance. Despite the growing number of complaints, Apple has stayed on the subject.

The rear panel of the iPhone 12 model is comprised of glass. They are, therefore, relatively vulnerable to breaking. 

Numerous people have already expressed dissatisfaction with how readily iPhone 12 devices break or crack. The good news is that Mr. Fix will fix the cracked glass without replacing the entire unit. However, to prevent unforeseen incidents, acquire a case and screen protector right now.

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We always utilize original components and certified instruments to ensure the most significant quality repair. We exclusively employ professionals to prevent further damage to your iPhone 12 during the repair.

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This service will only take 30 to 60 minutes to perform.