iPad Air Connector on Motherboard

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Motherboard connectors connect iPad components to the tablet’s motherboard using connectors. If any of the connectors on your iPad Air gets out of order, this will lead to the failure of exactly the component with which it is connected. Due to the fact that a connector breakdown on the motherboard can lead to the appearance of completely different symptoms, it is quite problematic to determine the true cause of the malfunction. To make the “correct” diagnosis, you need to carry out the iPad Air diagnostic procedure, with a consistent check of all the components of the tablet.

      Since there are several connectors on the iPad Air motherboard that can break for various reasons and in different quantities, there is no fixed price for this type of repair. The specialists of our service center will inform you of the cause of the breakdown, the amount of necessary work and their cost immediately after completion of the diagnostic procedure.

      Reasons why the connectors on your iPad Air may get out of order:

  • adverse mechanical impact caused by a strong fall or shock;
  • moisture, dirt, or dust getting inside the device;
  • short circuit caused, for example, by a power surge during charging of the tablet.

      Replacing the connectors on the iPad Air motherboard belongs to a variety of complex repairs, since in order to restore the device’s performance, you will have to re-solder the defective elements to new ones. Only high-class specialists with extensive experience, who, fortunately, work in our service center, can qualitatively perform this repair. If you need to repair the connectors on the motherboard on the iPad Air, contact the specialists of our service center for help and they will perform all the necessary work efficiently, as quickly as possible and with a warranty for the work performed.

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