How to test iPhone battery

How to test iPhone battery

In the settings of iPhone, you can find out the battery life, and which applications consume the most charge of the device. But, in the settings there is no information about the condition of the iPhone X battery and what level of wear it has.

Fortunately, you can obtain this information using third-party applications and programs.

1. Battery wear test using iOS apps

The easiest way to check the level of the iPhone battery wear is to use iOS apps that are available in the AppStore. You can install one of them on your iPhone and see the assessment of battery wear. Also such applications show the current battery capacity and its original capacity.

For example, you can use the Battery Life app. After starting this application, you will see the percentage of your battery wear, as assessed by the application.

If you wish, you can see more detailed information about the battery of your iPhone. To do this, click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen and go to the “Raw Data” section.

Here you will see two parameters: Capacity and Battery Charge. The “Battery Charge” parameter is just the current charge level of your iPhone, it is not interesting. But the “Capacity” parameter is more exciting. It shows the current capacity of your battery and the initial capacity of your battery. It is the difference between these values that is calculated as a percentage. The greater is the difference between the current and the original capacity; the worse is the battery condition.

2. Battery wear test using iBackupBot

If you want to get more detailed information about the wear of the battery, then you can use the programs for the desktop PC. For the Windows operating system, there is a program called iBackupBot. It is paid and costs $ 35, but during the first 7 days you can use it for free.

In order to check the level of battery wear using iBackupBot, run it on your computer and connect iPhone with a cable. After that, you need to wait a bit until the program detects the device and creates its profile. When the device is detected, pay attention to the left part of the window and select your iPhone here.

Then open the “More Information” section. As a result, you will see information about the wear level of your iPhone battery. There will be many parameters, the most important of which we will consider separately.

The number of charge and discharge cycles is another very important parameter that indicates battery wear. The more cycles passed the battery, the worse is its condition. If your battery has more than 500 cycles, then it’s time to think about replacing battery iPhone 8. Mr. Fix’s specialists will help you with this