How to Take Care of Your iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone6 Screen replacement

iPhone 6s Plus is one of the largest smartphones from Apple: it’s featured with a 5.5 inch display, and it weighs almost 200 g. Due to iPhone 6s Plus weight and size, it’s not easy to handle the device. Your smartphone can easily slip through your fingers, especially if you’re not used to using it.

Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair technicians can give you a few recommendations how you can take care of your unwieldy iPhone 6s Plus.

Let’s start with the first advice – using a good screen protection.

Get a Screen Protection

Often a smartphone – not only iPhone 6s Plus – lands on asphalt or other rigid surface with its screen down. The screen gets cracked as a result. But you can avoid damaging the screen (or minimize the risk of damaging the screen) if you get a great screen protection. Look for the thicker screen protection, which will help your screen to withstand harder blows or drops.

Get a Protective Case

Many iPhone 6s Plus owners question the idea of using a protective case for their smartphone. They don’t want to conceal the beautiful design of their device. Besides, Apple smartphones are made of aluminum, so they must be quite sturdy, aren’t they?

Still, we strongly recommend to use a protective case for your iPhone. Aluminum (and the aluminum-based alloy used in iPhone 6s Plus) isn’t the hardest metal. It can be easily scratched, and so it’s best to protect it. Concerning the design, you can choose a case with great design as there are literally thousands of protective cases for iPhones.

Clean up your device

Some iPhone 6s Plus owners neglect their smartphone. They don’t clean it up even if they dropped it on sand or ground. But then dust can penetrate the device or stuff all the apertures and ports in their device. To make sure that your iPhone 6s Plus doesn’t get damage from dust, use a wet washcloth to rub the smartphone.

Repair iPhone 6s Plus with professionals

You’ll need to take special care of your iPhone 6s Plus after it was damaged. You should contact a good iPhone repair service to fix the cracked screen or damaged ports of your iPhone 6s Plus. And we at Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair can help you fix any issue with your iPhone. Our technicians will repair the device as soon as possible so you could enjoy using it again.

Follow all the steps described above, and your iPhone 6s Plus will be working fine for years.