How to Take Care of My iPhone 6s Battery

iPhone 6 Repair

Do you wish to maximize the battery life of your iPhone 6s? Unfortunately, the Li-Ion battery in your iPhone 6s isn’t removable, and you can’t simply replace the battery when you want. And because the modern batteries are yet to seriously increase their capacity and lifespan, they’re still getting worse over time. The batteries lose charge more rapidly just after a year of usage, and their capacity continually decreases as well.

Extending the battery life of your smartphone is important as you’ll have fewer the-battery-was-depleted-too-fast moments. And when you know the tricks to improve the battery life (and battery lifespan) of your iPhone 6s, you won’t have to spend extra money to replace the battery because it was worn out in a couple of years.

If you want your iPhone 6s battery to work for a long time, have a look at the recommendations below.

Avoid Charging Your iPhone 6s Too Often

This is basic advice: you should avoid charging your iPhone 6s several times per day. If you’re playing games, watching YouTube videos, or using power-hungry apps all day long, you’ll be compelled to charge your smartphone twice or even thrice per day.

Because of such usage pattern, your iPhone 6s battery will wear off quite soon. The best idea is to charge the device once per day in the evening. Therefore, you should charge the device during the night so it will have full charge for the next day.

Use Low Power Mode

If during the day your iPhone 6s battery level gets below 20%, you may benefit from a special stamina mode. You can turn on the Low Power Mode in the Settings/Battery on your iPhone 6s. Note that some functionalities of your iPhone will take more time to complete or update when this mode is active. The special mode simply reduces the processor frequency thus prolonging the battery life for more time.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to always use the low power mode for nights since the device isn’t used.

Charge Your iPhone 6s Wisely

“Charge an iPhone wisely” sounds obscure, so let’s clarify our point. You should avoid charging the device when the battery level is relatively high. For instance, if the battery level is 20% up to 90%, there’s no need to charge the device.

It’s recommended to only charge your iPhone 6s when the battery level is 20% or lower. And try not to deplete the battery completely all the time. In other words, you should develop a habit to charge your iPhone 6s when the battery level is around 10-20%.

Sometimes you may be advised to not overcharge the battery (read: not to charge the smartphone after the battery level reached 100%). In fact, batteries are protected programmatically from being overcharged, so if you leave your iPhone charging for several hours, its battery won’t get damaged.

Our last advice is this: if your iPhone 6s battery is no good, you can contact us. Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair technicians will replace the worn battery with the new one. Then, you can take advantage of our recommendations and stop worrying about the battery life.