How to Repair Water Damaged iPhone

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      Ingress of moisture can be damaging to any iPhone, potentially killing the device. Mr. Fix can help repair water damaged iPhones of the following models:

• iPhone 6

• iPhone 7

• iPhone 8

• iPhone X

• iPhone 11

         How to Repair Water Damaged iPhone 6?

      iPhone 6 repair after moisture ingress means a comprehensive cleaning of the board, after which technicians examine it under a microscope for components damaged by oxidation.

      Then the board is restored with repair or replacement of damaged components. The scope of work at this stage depends on the degree of damage. When water gets into the iPhone, each case is individual. Therefore, before the initial diagnostics and cleaning, it is impossible to say how much it will cost to repair the water damaged iPhone 6.

      Further, technicians test the stability of the work and the indicators of the board. After that, if everything works correctly, they check all peripheral components (screen, cameras, speakers, microphones, and buttons). Each case of liquid getting into the iPhone is individual, and ultimately the repair depends on how much the iPhone is damaged and how long ago it happened.

      If water gets into your iPhone, do not delay contacting the service shop, even if the phone turns on and works after the incident. The consequences may likely occur later, and repairs will be more time consuming and expensive.

         How to Repair Water Damaged iPhone 7?

      The iPhone 7 is IP67 dust and water-resistant. Now you can wash the smartphone with running water, use it in the rain, and more. But long dives to a depth of more than a meter are not recommended. Apple also disclaims any warranty obligations if the smartphone is damaged by water. Moisture causes two main types of damage to electronics – corrosion and short circuits. If the oxides can be cleaned, then the burned out modules will have to be replaced.

      If the iPhone 7 gets into the water, it is advisable to wipe it with a towel. To not damage the charging port, do not put cotton swabs, napkins, and the like into the connector. To quickly dry the connector, you need to shake the phone and put it in a well-ventilated place.

      When moisture hits the conductive paths, a short circuit occurs, which can cause the battery to swell. This is the most challenging case to repair. Body replacement may often be required. Numerous oxides and corrosive build-ups are formed instantly. This blocks signal transmission to individual modules – the smartphone starts to work incorrectly. Among the symptoms are:

• Spots on the screen, incorrect color rendering

• The gadget is turned off and does not turn on

• The desktop is not loaded at startup

• No sound

• There is no picture on the display

• Communication problems

• Other problems

      Water damaged smartphones undergo complex software and component diagnostics. A technician will have to localize each module where at least one conductive track is damaged, thoroughly clean the corrosion formations in the contact pads. The final result depends on the accuracy of the diagnostics.

      Often this type of repair is limited to cleaning the motherboard and components that are corroded. Sometimes it is necessary to replace modules damaged by a short circuit. Less often, a smartphone remains unrepairable due to moisture ingress.

      Repairing iPhone 7 a water-damaged will take from an hour to several days, depending only on the extent of the damage.

         How to Repair Water Damaged iPhone 8?

      Water and other liquids are still the main threat to smartphones, and the iPhone 8 is no exception. Damage caused by moisture ingress is one of the most common and needs urgent repair. Delay, in this case, can cost significantly more damage since corrosion destroys contacts and other elements very quickly. Therefore, immediately contact our service shop for drying, cleaning, and recovering iPhone 8 from moisture ingress!

      Any electronics is afraid of water – this is the first and most important rule. After all, the ingress of liquid leads to a short circuit, oxidation, and corrosion of contacts, tracks on the board. Therefore, it is necessary to remove moisture and purify oxides quickly. If necessary, we will carry out component repair of iPhone 8 or replace damaged parts.

How to Repair Water Damaged iPhone X?

      After the iPhone X arrives at the technical department, a Mr. Fix technician performs a complete cleaning of the iPhone X from liquids and moisture in an ultrasonic chamber. After the ultrasonic room, all components of the iPhone are completely dried. After the iPhone has dried, the motherboard malfunctions are identified at the hardware stand. After identifying a malfunction, the specialist makes a complete fault map and transfers the information to managers. After a customer agrees to repair the iPhone X, the specialist starts the repair work. The repair is carried out at a highly qualified level using original components and using professional equipment. After the iPhone motherboard’s repair is completed, full testing is carried out, if faults are identified during the testing process, our technician eliminates them.

      How to Repair Water Damaged iPhone 11?

      If suddenly your iPhone has been damaged by falling into water or by spilling water on the iPhone11, then it is better not to hesitate to repair and clean it. Water that gets inside or on some parts of the outside begins to slowly but surely kill the iPhone. It doesn’t matter if the iPhone 11 was short-circuited or not. It’s just a software glitch at the hardware level – technicians can fix it quickly. The most severe problem lies inside the case, where moisture that gets inside (if also with harmful chemical impurities) begins to slowly coat the board, case, and components with oxides, and rust various metal elements. Therefore, the sooner a specially trained professional cleans the iPhone from moisture residues using special chemicals and replaces already damaged components, the less risk your device will encounter with sudden malfunctions in the future.

      What to do if the iPhone is flooded?

      If you’ve drowned your iPhone, the first thing to do is turn it off. If you have the appropriate skills, you can try to disassemble the device and disconnect the battery with great care – this can save it from damage. Under no circumstances place the device on a battery, do not dry it with a hairdryer, or put it on a charger – this can seriously harm it. In any case, there is a direct road to the service shop, where they will carry out diagnostics, clean, replace damaged elements, and you can safely use your iPhone as before.

      Mr. Fix technicians can help you to fix not just water damaged iPhone, but also iPhone battery.