How to repair unresponsive touch screen iPhone 6?

The responsivity of the iPhone’s screen, in general, depends on its cleanliness and integrity as well as your day-to-day care for the phone. If you do not drop it daily, ensure that it does not stay in the wet ambiance for long, that you do not splash it with water, juice, and whatnot from time to time, your iPhone’s 6 screen should work as usual. However, in case it doesn’t, there are a couple of simple tricks that you can do before going to a professional phone technician. Here they are:

  • Clean the screen. However dull this may sound, some makes of iPhone 6 may not respond to your touches after grease from your hands and fingers piles up on the screen. So all you will need is to carefully remove it with some soft fabrics from the screen.
  • Remover the protective screen. Some so-called 3D protective screens do not have glue in the middle of the screen; as a result, the protective layer does not touch your phone’s screen and hence your touches do not get transferred to the phone. All you need is to remove the protective screen and try your screen again.
  • Reboot the phone. Some bugs and glitches in iPhone 6 makes are not new. Sometimes it is enough that you simply hard reboot it so that the phone turns off and then on. To do so, click on the top lock button and the home button simultaneously and hold them together for about 10 seconds; once you see the Apple icon on the screen, you can let the buttons go.
  • Reset options. This trick works only if some parts of your iPhone’s screen do not work since you will need to get into the Settings to reset the phone’s settings.
  • Hard reset. This is the method of the last resort that Mr Fix’s cell phone repair experts do not recommend doing on your own. First of all, hard reset deletes all of your phone’s data: contacts, photos, settings, etc. So whenever you hard reset it, you are losing all that data. Secondly, a hard reset might cause some more glitches and bugs in the OS, especially for the 6th makes, so it is highly advised to visit an in-store professional.

At Mr Fix cell phone repair services we value your time and money. So if your problem can be fixed with the first four tricks, we will not charge you anything for that. However, should those options not help, we will take a closer look at the causes (water damage, recent frequent falls, etc.) and diagnose the problem before getting down to the actual repairs. And remember, that if the simple tricks did not work, you are likely to face a more complex issue so we highly recommend that you save your photos and personal information from the phone before handing it over to us.