How to repair the Samsung Galaxy camera?

Samsung Galaxy S20 plus 5G

The camera is one of the most important functions on your device. Everyone wants to take beautiful photos of sunset or funny people. Such photos remain with us forever and remind us of the wonderful moments of life. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your camera clean and repaired. However, you can unsuccessfully throw the phone on the floor and break this component! Then you need to repair it but you don’t know where to get a quality and fast service. Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair can come to your aid. Today’s article is going to be useful and tell you about repairing the camera. 

How to improve the quality of a camera and prevent breakages?

Of course, the camera on the newest Samsung Galaxy is wonderful. However, many social networks can spoil the quality of your photos that you post. Therefore, you should set your camera greatly. There is a list of useful tips, which can help you to improve the picture quality and prevent camera breakage.

  • Always clean your camera before starting the process of taking pictures. Dust or dirty areas of the camera can spoil your photo;
  • If you often break your phone, try to use only protective cases. The case should be thick on the back cover to protect the camera. This way, when you place the phone on the surface, the camera will not touch it. You will not be able to break the camera;
  • Adjust your camera to enjoy the shooting quality. You can increase the quality of photos or videos in the settings. The higher the video resolution, the more memory the device takes up. The user has the ability to shoot video in high resolution 4K on the modern models of Samsung Galaxy. Use the “Video Stabilization” option to avoid problems with blurring and wind interference. The video will look amazing! By the way, the Samsung Galaxy camera has a settings section where the “Mode” button is. The function allows you to switch to the professional shooting mode “PRO”. You can set the brightness, ISO, white balance, focus, or add different effects. The photo quality may be greatly changed after such settings;
  • Take photos in bright places. Don’t take them in shadow because the photo quality will be spoiled. Stand in front of a window or sunrays to get a good photo.

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is equipped with a 12 MP camera. It can be quickly launched by double-pressing the center button. The functionality of the phone is very good. There is powerful shooting, HDR for photos and videos, panorama, a mode with a choice of focus in the foreground or background after shooting. The best feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is its ability to take quality photos in the darkness. However, there is no night shooting mode. If you have broken your device, you can bring it to Mr Fix and our technicians repair it easily. Repairing the back camera for Samsung Galaxy S7 will cost you $55.00 and the repairing front camera $5 less. Fixing the back camera lens for Samsung Galaxy S7 cost $59.00. 

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also equipped with a 12 MP camera as Galaxy S7. Unlike the S7, the back camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 no longer sticks out. This makes the appearance of the device more beautiful. And, in this case, it is more difficult to damage the glass. However, you can damage it by a strong fall from a height directly onto the back cover of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy camera allows you to take professional photos. If you have broken your phone, don’t be worried. You don’t need to change your device and spend money. Just bring your broken Samsung Galaxy S8 to Mr Fix and our technicians fix it. Repairing the back camera for Samsung Galaxy S8 costs $69.00. If you have broken the front camera, be ready to pay $55.00. The repair of the back camera lens costs $49.00. 

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera?

One of the key features for the «nine» is a completely redesigned main camera, while the front camera is only slightly improved (the resolution is still the same 8 megapixels). The Samsung Galaxy S9 is also equipped with a 12 MP back cam but it is much more detailed. Of course, it would be a pity to break such a good phone. And you can replace the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera by yourself. We will tell you about replacing the front cam. 

  1. Turn off your device. Take off the sim card.
  1. First, you need to take off the back cover. The back cover is glued to the frame. Heat the device with hot air from a hairdryer to soften the glue. Run a thin plastic strip around the entire perimeter of the case. You may use the suction cup to remove the glass easily. You need to be careful with the back cover, it is fragile enough and may break;
  1. Then you need to disconnect the finger scan sensor so as not to damage it. Then unscrew 10 screws. Disconnect the battery to avoid short circuits. Then disconnect the front camera connector.
  1. After successfully taking off the back cover, replace the new front camera. Connect the accumulator. Connect the fingerprint sensor connector before installing the back cover.  tighten the bolts. Remove old glue and apply the new one. After applying the glue, place the book on the phone so that the cover glue well.

It is not difficult at first sight. The back camera can be replaced in the same way as the front. But you can easily damage important components, especially if you are replacing the camera for the first time. Bring your broken phone to Mr Fix to avoid different problems. Our technicians can fix your device easily. The process of repairing usually takes 1-2 hours. Repairing the front Samsung Galaxy S9 camera costs $75.00. If you want to repair the back cam, you need to pay $69.00. Learn more about our service on the main page. Choose your phone model and the price of services. 

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera?

The Samsung Galaxy is equipped with a 16 MP back cam and 12 MP front cam. You can take wonderful photos with your device anywhere. There is also a “PRO” option to set your camera and improve its quality. The gadget can take pictures at night without spoiling the quality. Replacing the Samsung Galaxy S10 back camera costs $79.00 and the front camera – $55.00. To replace the back camera lens you need to pay $59.00 and wait 1-2 hours. 

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was created in 2017 but it is still modern and popular. The big advantage of such a phone is a dual camera with optical stabilization. It allows you to take unforgettable photos. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with a 12 MP back camera and an 8 MP front one. There is a “PRO” option that allows you to greatly set the camera. Replacing the back camera for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 costs $69.00, front cam – $55.00. 

In this article, we gave you knowledge about the process of replacing the camera and told you about the price and services we can provide you. By the way, we can repair any phone model. Just bring it to Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair for diagnosis and then repairing. You also can open the main page, choose your phone models, and pay for service online because it is much more convenient. Learn more about phones with Mr Fix’s blog!