How to repair Samsung Galaxy charging port?

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

If your phone doesn’t charge, there is a risk of a broken USB charging port. It can break down for many reasons, such as incorrect loading, so we decided to write this article to explain the functioning of this component. It can break down at any time, for example, when you are in a hurry, charging is at zero, and the phone is needed. Of course, you can change the port by yourself and Mr Fix will tell you about its advantages and disadvantages. Today’s article is going to be useful for many people. 

How to extend the life of the charging port without harming the battery?

The charging port is directly related to the accumulator. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the USB port and try to not break it. Mr Fix has collected a list of the best tips to extend the life of the charging port and don’t harm the accumulator.

  1. The most important thing is the correct charging. Try to not interrupt the process of charging more than 3 times during the day. It harms the battery, so its capacity can be quickly reduced and the charging port may be easily destroyed. Of course, it is convenient to put your phone on charge for a couple of minutes when you’re in a hurry, however, the random and short charging process greatly affects the condition of your phone. It is much better to charge your phone at night or put it on a full charge. Many people still believe that the battery slowly “dies” (its maximum capacity decreases), being under stress due to long charging times and high temperatures. It is a myth because the newest Samsung Galaxy has an ability to stop charging by yourself;
  1. It is not necessary to charge your phone from 0% to 100%. Try it no more than 1-2 times during the week when you have enough time. The best option is to charge the phone when the battery is 10% and up to 90%;
  1. Make sure that the USB port doesn’t get dirty because the port can get quarreled and work poorly in the future. It is also very bad if liquid gets inside it because it can cause a process of corrosion. In this way, you should bring your device for repair as quickly as possible to save it;
  1. Battery life can be maximized by maintaining a charge somewhere between 40 and 80%. If soon you don’t plan to actively use your smartphone, you should charge it up to 50%;
  1. Don’t allow the phone to be overloaded and too hot. If you start to feel like your phone is rebooted you should give it a rest. Usually, this state of the phone can be after the active use of the phone that is charging. Such a way causes the quick destruction of the accumulator and charging port;
  1. Clean the USB port with a cotton swab every week to avoid debris inside your device.

Follow these rules to minimize the risk of damaging the USB charging port and phone battery. 

How to repair Samsung Galaxy S7 charging port?

If your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone won’t charge, the USB port might be faulty. As we said above, we are going to talk about fixing the charging port. Mr Fix compiled step by step instructions:

  • First, you need to remove the back cover. Use the hairdryer, heat the surface of the phone to melt the glue, and remove the cover with ease;
  • Then you need a suction cup and plastic plate to quickly remove the back cover without damage. Insert the plastic strip between the back cover and phone frame and pull on the suction cup. Remove the back cover;
  • You need to be careful with the back cover, it is fragile and can break. Remember that the back cover adhesive is very strong. Therefore, if it is necessary, you should heat the case again with a hairdryer;
  • Remove the finger scanner sensor. Then you can remove the rear cover completely;
  • Next, unscrew the 10 screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the motherboard. Next, you need to disconnect the battery to avoid short circuits during repairs;
  • Next, you need to disconnect many important components. Be extremely careful. First of all, disconnect the speaker by unscrewing 5 screws. Next, turn off the front camera. Then the sim card tray. It is best to use a special tool or paper clip. Now you need to disconnect all connectors from the motherboard. Disconnect the plug with tweezers. Finally, remove one screw from the motherboard. Now disconnect the audio jack. It is secured with one screw. Next, disconnect the USB board;

The process of connecting the new charging port will be in the next section. Bring your Samsung Galaxy S7 for free diagnostic. Our technicians provide any service for any phone model. Replacing the charging port flex cable will cost you $135.00.

How to repair Samsung Galaxy S8 charging port?

There is an instruction to connect the new USB charging port.

  • Connect the USB board and tighten the screw;
  • Insert the audio jack and push it in. Attach the connector and tighten the screw. Connect the connector pin to the board;
  • Now take the motherboard and insert it into the connector. Tighten the screw. Then you need to connect all the connectors back. Insert sim card tray, front camera, speaker. Connect the battery connector;
  • Remove old glue and apply the new one. After applying the glue, place the book on the phone so that the cover glue well.

As you can see, repairing the charging port is a very difficult process and you shouldn’t fix it by yourself, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can damage important elements. Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair can help you. Bring your Samsung Galaxy S8 and our technicians fix it in 1-2 hours. The price of repairing is $70.00. 

How to repair Samsung Galaxy S9 charging port?

Today, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a very popular phone model because of its ability to be comfortably used. After incorrect use or mechanical damage, the phone charging port may be destroyed. It is a bad idea to change your phone because Mr Fix can repair it quickly and quality anytime! Save your money and continue using your favorite device. Samsung Galaxy S9 charging port repair costs $80.00. To repair the charging port flex cable you need to pay $69.00.

How to repair Samsung Galaxy S10 charging port?

The beautiful design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the large list of opportunities that it can provide can impress anyone. It’s a pity to change such a phone if you like the functionality but the charging port doesn’t work. In this case, our service can help you. Bring it for a free diagnostic and learn about the breakage. Open the main page, choose the model of your phone, and choose the service. You also can pay online, it is much more convenient. 

How to repair Samsung Galaxy Note 8 charging port?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was created in 2017 but it is still popular. Comfortable settings and design allow people to enjoy using the device. Of course, Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair can provide the service of repairing the charging port for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Repairing the charging port flex cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 costs $69.00. 

The charging port is one of the most important components of a device. If the USB port is broken, you can’t charge your phone normally. Of course, the problem may be in the charger. However, if you have tested all chargers and no one can work, the problem is probably in the destroyed charging port. Bring your phone to Mr Fix for a free diagnostic to learn about breakage. We provide services for any phone model. Use your phone to the fullest!