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How to repair a small crack in iPhone screen?

how to repair crack iPhone screen

Smart users of iPhones in the 21st century know about the magic of protection screens; so whenever you drop your phone and see a crack, check first that it is actually the screen and not the protection layer that got damaged. If you are fortunate enough, all repairs would end up on the replacement of the protective glass or film and minor spending. But since you are reading this article, we assume you have bigger problems.

So first of all, define the “small crack” that you have. Decide on whether it may pose any harm to your health (some iPhone cracks lead to the screen having sharp glass particles that might cut your hands). If yes, use some sticky tape or a basic thin plastic bag to cover the screen and ensure that the glass remains within its borders. In case the crack is somewhere on the back panel, then move further.

The first idea that usually comes to the mind of our customers is AppleCare+. Yes, Mr. Fix cell phone repair experts hear the disappointed customers complaining about the service daily. The trick is that AppleCare+ never covers physical damage. And even if you believe that you can trick the expert technicians there, trust us, they can clearly identify impact points and hence will not cover any crack fixing within the program. That’s a rule.

Once the danger is omitted, consider whether you need any radical action, such as screen or back panel replacement. It is especially essential if you are short on a budget since complete screen replacement does cost some money.

In case of truly minor cracks, a lot of our clients consider conventional tricks like baking soda or toothpaste to get rid of the cracks. The radicals even use sandpaper and vegetable oil to fix their iPhones for free. Unfortunately, too much too often, Mr. Fix has to deal with the consequences of such actions so we strongly not recommend trying to repair a small iPhone crack on your own.

So what to do?

Visit one of our stores and discuss the severity of your iPhone crack with one of Mr. Fix specialists. Remember consultations and estimation of work is always free and takes about 5 minutes. Our team can professionally identify what should be done in every particular case: whether some grinding or polishing can save the day and when you will need to replace the screen for iPhone 8 and even the LCD part of the phone. We also strongly recommend applying a protection screen on any iPhone screen whether you have a small crack or a replaced screen since this protection will hold the glass together and protect from any further damages.