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How to improve iPhone battery life

improve iPhone battery life

The iPhone battery capacity is growing, but iOS is not becoming more optimized in terms of energy consumption and therefore one of the most discussed topics of Apple smartphone users is still associated with the problems of quick iPhone discharge. In this article, we have collected all the proven methods that will improve smartphone battery life in the future.

1. Do not discharge your iPhone completely

One of the features of lithium-ion batteries is the almost complete absence of the so-called memory effect. This concept implies a reversible loss of capacity, which occurs when the charging mode is violated, in particular, when charging an incompletely discharged battery. Since the iPhone 7 battery has almost no memory effect, it is strongly recommended to charge your smartphone before it turns off due to lack of charge.

You need to connect your iPhone to a charger when the battery level drops below 10-20%. How much it helps? Experts have found out that in such case the life of lithium-ion battery increases to 2.5 times.

2. Do not overheat and overcool your iPhone

Heat and cold are the most evil enemies of lithium-ion batteries. Overheating and overcooling of iPhone can significantly reduce the capacity of the smartphone battery, so in no case you should not keep it in adverse conditions. You can use your iPhone without endangering the battery at temperatures from 0 to 35° C.

3. Use original charger

It is especially important. Original charger for Apple smartphones is not cheap, and Chinese alternatives, on the contrary, attract by their reasonable price. However, it is better to pay a fair amount of money once than a few months later to type in the search box “Why my iPhone discharges so quickly”.

4. Discharge the iPhone every three months

If you decide to start following (or already follow) the first advice, then you need to know something else. A full charge of lithium-ion batteries for a long time is just as harmful as a constant discharge to zero. Due to the fact that we charge our iPhones at the first opportunity, experts strongly recommend performing a full iPhone discharge every three months.

5. Charge the iPhone without a phone cover

Some iPhone covers can overheat a battery, which adversely affects its capacity. To determine whether your phone cover is detrimental to your smartphone is very simple. If you notice that the iPhone gets very hot during charging, first remove it from the cover.