How To Fix The iPhone 11 Zoom

iphone touch screen not working

Today we will analyze – what to do if the screen of the iPhone has zoomed.

So, if you see an enlarged image on the iPhone 11 phone screen, it can be application icons or just separate elements of the iOS operating system, you can turn to Mr. Fix or do the following:

1. Use three fingers to tap the iPhone screen three times. The screen will shrink and become normal size. If during the third tap you take your fingers off the screen too quickly, the screen does not decrease, but a menu appears where you can press the button. Reduce or pull the slider to the left, thus, the size of the display normalizes.

2. If nothing happened during repeated attempts of the 3rd touch (iPhone screen is still enlarged), then restart the iPhone and perform step 1 again.

Now we see that increasing the icons on the entire screen of the iPhone is not a failure, but just one of the functions of the iOS firmware, called – Zoom, and if necessary, you can enlarge any part of the screen and look at it close, which can be useful for people with disabilities.

When the iPhone 11 screen is in zoom mode, you can move around the screen with a 3-finger gesture – we touch with three fingers and, without releasing them from the screen, move left, right, up or down, thus observing any part of the screen without leaving zoom mode.

If you decide to completely disable (or vice versa enable) this function, then do it in the universal access settings. The zoom mode has additional features – filter, controller, etc. if you can’t deal with them yourself, contact our service center.