How To Fix iPhone Glitch 11 Software Update

iphone touch screen not working

Find out what to do if an error code or warning appears when using a computer to update or restore a device.

Update on a Mac or Windows computer

Install updates for your Mac. If you are using a Windows computer, install the updates from the Microsoft website. Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes.

Connect directly to a computer

Connect your iOS device directly to the computer’s USB port (not to a connected keyboard or USB hub). If the error warning still appears, try using a different cable.


Turn off the computer and device. Then turn them on again.

Checking computer security software

You may need to update, modify, or remove software that could interfere with your computer’s connection to iTunes.


Try updating or restoring the device.

Additional help

If after performing all of the above steps the error continues to appear, contact Mr. Fix.

iPhone 11 Glitch Software Update is quite serious software failures, which is not always possible to fix at home. If the attempt to restore your device according to the instructions described above failed, you should contact the professional service center masters. Certified Mr. Fix employees with rich experience will conduct free hardware and software diagnostics of your device and fix iPhone Glitch 11 Software Update at a budget-friendly price.