How to fix iPhone battery without replacing it

How long does it take to replace iPhone battery

Began to notice that your iPhone discharges much faster without any special reason? Not everyone knows, but in most cases you can solve the problem by calibrating the iPhone battery. Mr Fix will tell you how it helps and how to make it.

      Is battery calibration not a myth?

      There is an opinion among users that calibrating a smartphone’s battery is a waste of time. However, this belief is erroneous.

      The great positive effect of calibrating lithium-ion batteries has been proven by Battery University. They conducted research on various types of devices with modern rechargeable batteries, including smartphones, and found that in each case the battery life after calibration increases. The experiments were really serious and the benefits of calibration were proven.

      How to calibrate iPhone battery?

      The process is extremely simple and requires a minimum of user effort.

First of all, you need to completely discharge the iPhone battery to 0% to turn off the smartphone.

      Next, you need to leave the iPhone turned off for 5-6 hours. It’s best to leave your iPhone turned off at night.

     After that, it remains only to connect the iPhone to a charger, preferably the original, and not disconnect for 5-6 hours. Even after the iPhone XR battery is fully charged.

      When charging the iPhone, it is recommended to turn on “Airplane mode” or turn it off altogether. By the way, you can turn off the iPhone while charging, again, contrary to popular belief. To do this, you first need to put the iPhone on charge, and then turn it off.

      This simple procedure calibrates the battery of your iPhone. Due to this, the battery is “reset” and starts to work with the highest possible efficiency. IPhone battery life is increasing.

     Battery University experts recommend performing this procedure every 3-4 months.      However, if there are problems such as: the phone does not turn on, quickly loses its charge or the battery has already started to “bloat”, it is better to immediately contact a service centre and fix the problem. To replace the iPhone XR battery, Mr Fix specialists use original components, designed for Apple electronics, therefore, we provide a warranty for all types of spare parts and the work done.