How To Fix iPhone 11 Unresponsive Touch Screen

iphone touch screen not working

In very rare cases, the iPhone touch screen stops working and responding to touch. You touch the display, but nothing happens – neither “taps” nor “swipes” lead to the expected result. The unresponsive touch screen can be caused by several reasons – a malfunction in the software, a broken display or the iPhone itself, etc. We offer you some tips to help bring a frozen screen back to life.

Touch screen does not work on iPhone 11: wipe display and hands

If the touch screen suddenly stops responding, first of all, wipe it well and wipe your hands. Bring your iPhone to the light and view from different angles. The accumulated layer of grease or dirt, food stains, hand cream or lotions may interfere with the correct operation of the display. Take a piece of soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the display with it, removing any dirt. For better cleaning, lightly dampen the cloth with water (water should not drip!).

Make sure your fingers are clean and dry. Wash your hands thoroughly, because sticky fingers may be the cause of a frozen touch screen. Too dry hand skin or calluses cannot cause a malfunction, but wet or sticky fingers are another matter.

The display does not work on iPhone: reboot the device using a “hard reset”

If your iPhone’s touch screen suddenly stops responding, perform a “hard reset”.

Performing this reboot option is very simple, but the process differs for iPhone models. In order to restart the iPhone 11, you must simultaneously press and hold the volume down button and the power button until the Apple logo appears. If after rebooting the device the touch screen is working again, it means that the problem was caused by a malfunction in the software.

Unresponsive iPhone 11 touch screen: free up device memory

Touch screen freezing along with application malfunctions can be caused by a lack of memory on the drive. Check if there is enough free memory on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings – General – About this device – Available. In the event that less than 200 megabytes remains, the performance of iOS is noticeably reduced.

Does the touch screen still not work?

If the touch screen of your iPhone 11 does not work, and none of the above methods help, we recommend that you back up the data stored on the device and restore iOS via iTunes. 

Also, you can contact Mr. Fix. Our specialists will fix your iPhone for an affordable price.