How To Fix iPhone 11 – I Can’t Send Emails

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Thousands of people have encountered this problem. You set up your POP email account, and everything seems to be in order. But despite the fact that you can receive letters, you can’t send them. The cause of this problem is technically difficult, but let’s try to explain it more simply.

When you send a letter by regular mail, you leave it at the post office. This letter is forwarded to the post office of the addressee, which is located in another city, and then delivered from there to the address.

In a high-tech sense, the same thing happens with email. When you send a message, it is first sent to the mail server of your Internet service provider (main mail computer). Then the message is sent to the recipient’s mail server, and his/her mail program picks up your message from there.

But spammers and spyware authors pose an increasing threat, especially those who create zombie programs that, without your knowledge, generate spam on your computer. Therefore, large Internet providers began to counteract them in two ways, which also block outgoing messages from your iPhone 11

Select a different port

Ports are invisible “channels” leading from a computer to the Internet. One port is responsible for sending mail, the other is responsible for the operation of the Internet, and so on. Most computers use port 25 to send email. However, to block spam generated by zombie programs, large ISPs set up their networks so that e-mails sent through port 25 could follow only one direction: to their own mail servers of Internet providers. (Basically, zombie programs try to send messages directly to recipient mail servers, so they are effectively blocked in this way.) Your iPhone tries to send a message through port 25 and it is blocked.

Decision? Select a different port. On the Home page, click Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select the name of your POP account. Scroll to Outgoing Mail Server. Click on an address to edit it. Click On to open the SMTP section.

At the bottom of this section is the Server Port field. Change its value, for example, to 587.

Try sending the email again. If this still fails, try changing this suffix to 465.

Use the carrier’s mail server

When you are at home, your computer is directly connected to the Internet service provider’s network through a modem or through DSL. Your ISP knows and trusts you.

But when you are in some other place and your iPhone 11 uses the carrier’s EDGE mobile network, your Internet service provider cannot recognize you. Since your outgoing mail is created outside the network of your Internet service provider, it is blocked. According to your ISP, you may be a spammer.

Your ISP may have a special mail server address for travel use. But a simpler way out would be to simply use the operator’s own mail server.

Click Settings – Mail – the name of your POP account is Outgoing Mail Server. Click on an address to edit it. Replace the existing address with the one provided by the operator, for example с (this abbreviation used to mean Cingular Wireless Mail Exchange).

This simple change will allow you, like thousands of other people using all kinds of gadgets, many of which are described here, to not only receive, but also send messages using the network of a mobile operator.

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