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How to Factory Reset iPhone 11 When You Forgot Passcode or It’s Disabled

Forgetting your iPhone 11 passcode can be a frustrating experience, especially when the incorrect number is entered many times, resulting in your device is disabled. In such cases, the only option is to reset the phone to factory settings, which would destroy all data and settings. Once the device has been unlocked, you can restore data from a backup.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to factory reset iPhone 11, even when you forgot the passcode, or it’s disabled:

Using iTunes or Finder

Make sure the most recent version of Finder or iTunes is installed. Make sure your Mac is current if you’re using one.

Press and hold the Side and Volume buttons to turn off your iPhone 11 while waiting for the slider to appear. The slider must be dragged to turn it off.

Holding down the Side button, connect your iPhone 11 to your computer with a USB cord. Hold the button down until the recovery mode on your computer is detected.

Open iTunes or the Finder and select “Restore iPhone” once you are in recovery mode.

Using iPhone Unlocker

Download iPhone Unlocker and install it on your PC

Open the application and select “Erase Password.” Click the “Start” button then.

Connect your iPhone 11 to your computer using a USB cord and pick its essential information. Click “Start” to proceed.

The software will now download the iPhone 11 firmware update package. This procedure could take several minutes to complete.

Confirm that you wish to factory reset the iPhone 11 once the firmware has been downloaded. Enter “0000” for verification.

To begin deleting the passcode, tap the “Unlock” button.

It is vital to mention that iPhone Unlocker will wipe your phone’s settings and data. Always back up your iPhone 11 to avoid losing vital information.

In conclusion, forgetting the passcode for your iPhone 11 can be stressful, but there are ways to open a locked smartphone. You may restore your iPhone to factory settings and regain access to the device by utilising iTunes, Finder, or iPhone Unlocker.