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How to clean flat screen TVs?


Causes of pollution

At home, keeping your LCD display clean is very simple, the main thing is wiping it regularly. But there are certain factors causing pollution:

  • dust;
  • splashing water;
  • frequent touching the monitor.

That is why it is important to understand how to wipe the LCD screen at home and not to damage it, but at the same time get rid of all stains. It is quite simple to do this, it is enough to follow the recommendations below.

How to clean the LCD screen?

Noticing the pollution on the monitor, the owners are trying to remove it with a rag. This is not always correct. First of all, you need to figure out what cleansers can be used for liquid crystal displays. This may be professional and home-made cleansers. In both cases, you must strictly follow the instructions.

As a rule, the screens of modern TVs are multilayered – each layer is made of artificial materials that bear hard the effects of aggressive substances.

Specialized wipes

You can buy them at any shop of household appliances. Such wipes allow you to remove easily and quickly the spots that appeared on your LCD screen. Professionals recommend cleaning the display using the following wipes:

  • Wet wipes. These are specialized wipes that are impregnated with a special composition. You can buy them only in computer and TV stores. The cleaning composition does not contain alcohol and abrasive particles, so it easily removes all dirt. At the same time it has a sparing effect. You should do the cleaning procedure twice: wipe the display to remove dirt. Then take out the second wet wipe, lightly dry it and once again go over the entire surface of display. This can prevent the formation of stains.
  • Lint-free wipes. These wipes quickly remove dust from any display, but are unable to cope with serious contaminations. Take out a wipe and clean the screen with neat movements.
  • Microfiber. It perfectly removes dust, fingerprints, grease stains and ugly stains. At the same time such wipe absorbs all the moisture, so you can wet it in order to wash the most complex stains. Using a wipe, clean the display, paying special attention to problem areas.

Shop cleaning means

It is one more way how you can clean your TV. There are different cleansers like aerosols and gels, which contain special ingredients. As a rule, on such cleaning means you can find an indication of the possibility of their use for LCD screens. The composition can only be used in combination with lint-free wipes and cotton pads. Ordinary rags do not fit, as they poorly absorb moisture and can leave scratches.

All cleansers for TVs with liquid crystal displays have a wide price range. Therefore, everyone can choose the most suitable option.

Home-made cleansers

If you urgently need to wipe the screen, and there are no specialized compositions in the house, prepare the following solution. Mix distilled water and isopropyl alcohol or regular vinegar. Fluid should be of room temperature. Such a home-made cleanser allows you to achieve the same effect as professional cleaners.

How to take care of different types of screens?

Many believe that they can clean the screen by any means, regardless of its type. This is one of the most common mistakes. Some displays are glass, others consist of many crystals. Therefore, each option has its own recommendations for cleaning.

You can wipe the screen with the help of fleece fabric, flannel, cotton cloth using both home-made and professional compositions. These materials are ideal for removing dirt from a TV screen.

How to clean the LCD screen?

To remove dust, use professional cleansers. Wipes perfectly remove the dust and do not damage the surface. Another option is a cloth for cleaning glasses. It is better to wipe the display with dry materials to avoid a closure.

If there is a lot of dirt and it is serious enough, use wet wipes to remove them. After all the procedures, wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth.

How to clean Led TVs?

For such models it is recommended to use microfiber and spray. You can clean even a heavily soiled display with them. The main advantage of this method is that the aerosol does not contain alcohol, and a protective layer is formed on the screen.

How to remove stains?

Different spots often appear on displays of LCD TVs. You cannot remove them in the usual ways. But the problem is completely solvable. Specialized dry wipes without alcohol and lint will come to the rescue.

To eliminate heavily ground-in stains, use foam. In this case, first put the cleaning agent on the cloth, and then on the monitor. After this, be sure to wipe it with a dry cloth. Among the popular home-made cleansers we can distinguish a solution of vinegar. Damp cotton cloth in it, squeeze well and wipe the TV.