How to check battery usage on iPhone?

How to check battery usage on iPhone

The main disadvantage of modern iPhone batteries is that over time, the battery loses its capacity. The first symptom is fast device charging and discharging. If the battery has lost performance, you do not need to throw out the phone, the battery can be replaced. The main thing is to find out the degree of wear of the battery. Mr Fix specialists can cope with the iPhone repair in a matter of hours. Therefore it is important to know how to check battery usage on the iPhone.

In settings

      Over time, the battery capacity steadily decreases due to the constant charge-discharge cycle. This is normal – IPhone battery capacity drops by 20 percent after 500 cycles. Therefore, checking the iPhone battery is an important process. If the smartphone firmware is updated to 11.3 version and higher, then in the settings, you can find the information about the charge, usage and condition of the battery. Below we provide detailed instructions on how to check the battery on the iPhone.

      1. Open the “Settings” menu.

      2. Select “Battery”.

      3. Go to the “Battery Status” section.

      Your smartphone will show what is the maximum percentage of battery charge currently relative to the original value. If the figure is below 50 percent, then it is time to contact Mr Fix. The lower the maximum capacity is, the faster the phone discharges, and an increased number of charge cycles provokes an acceleration of battery wear.

Battery life

      Many users are interested in how to check the battery on the iPhone, if this option is not provided in the settings. The easiest way is to use the applications available for download in AppStore. The most popular among users of the iPhone application is Battery Life. The application is simple and convenient to use, equipped with a clear interface. The application shows the percentage of battery wear on the main screen. If the application shows the figure of 95, this means that the program estimates that the battery is 5 percent worn out.

Coconut battery

      Another useful iPhone battery checker is called Coconut Battery. The application is designed for personal computers running macOS. Initially, the program was developed and used to check the condition of the MacBook battery, but with the release of current updates, the ability to check the battery capacity of synchronized Apple devices was added. To view information:

      • connect the device to the computer;

      • open Coconut Battery;

      • go to the “iOS Device” tab.

      The program will display information about the battery status, including the battery capacity, the percentage of charge, the initial capacity, and the number of recharge cycles.      If you notice that your battery needs replacing, feel free to contact Mr Fix. Our service center provides iPhone repair services and guarantees a high quality of work performed.