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How to Charge IPhone 11 Wireless

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iPhone 11 is equipped with a wireless charger that makes refilling your mobile device quick and easy.

      Wireless charging uses the open Qi standard, which is widely used in cafes, restaurants, airports, hotels and other places around the world.

      Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Genesis, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, PSA, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo are already equipping new car models with Qi wireless chargers.

      How Wireless Charging Works

      The main benefit is how induction charging works. There is no need to be permanently tied to a physical connection and a 220 volt power grid. In order to provide power to your iPhone remotely, you need to have a device in your home, which is commonly called a wireless charger.

      So, such a device transfers energy from one device to another, based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the magnetic field changed, an electric current begins to be generated. The wireless charging design includes an induction coil that carries high frequency and alternating current.

      Thanks to this current, there are changes in the characteristics of the magnetic field. Energy transfer takes place between parts such as transmitter and receiver. There is no magnetic field outside the recharging unit, and it will be absolutely harmless to the user. Thanks to the latest technologies used, a smartphone can be supplied with up to 15 watts of voltage, which significantly reduces the time required to charge it.

      How to Properly Use IPhone Wireless Charger?

      Step 1: Connect the Qi wireless charger to power. Use the adapter that comes with accessories or the one recommended by the manufacturer.

      Step 2: Place the charging dock on a flat surface or wherever the manufacturer recommends, depending on the form factor of the accessory.

      Step 3: Place your iPhone on the charging station with the display facing up. To speed up charging, place it in the center of an accessory or in a place recommended by the manufacturer.

      Step 4: Charging should start automatically within seconds after placing it on the wireless charging station.

      Step 5: Once your iPhone has started charging successfully, a lightning bolt icon will appear on its status bar, which is also displayed during wired charging.

      What Are the Thing to Consider When Charging Wirelessly?

      1. For wireless charging, a magnetic induction process is used, which is impeded by metal elements – for example, a plate for a car magnetic holder.

      2. If your iPhone charges slowly or won’t charge and has a thick case, metal case, or battery case, try removing the case.

      3. Depending on the accessory used for wireless charging, you can hear a weak noise during it.

      4. Some wireless charging stations can heat up the iPhone. To minimize harm to the battery, the device will limit the charge level to 80%. Charging will resume when the temperature of the iPhone decreases.

      5. If the iPhone is connected with a Lightning cable to a computer’s USB port or to an AC adapter, then it will be charged via the cable, and wireless charging will not be used.      If you notice any problems with your iPhone 11, contact Mr Fix. Our technicians will do their best to bring your phone back to life.