How to calibrate iPhone battery?

How to calibrate iPhone battery

Smartphones and tablets are very convenient inventions, but sometimes it seems that their batteries work not long enough. Despite the most advanced technological developments, the battery always discharges at inappropriate times. The situation is aggravated by the fact that iPhone has a non-removable battery, and the backup power source is not always at hand.

Gradually, with an increase in the number of charge-discharge work cycles (especially if the cycles are short), the actual battery charge of the mobile device diverges from the digital battery control circuit in the operating system. That is, the user receives distorted data about the level of charge. Regularly calibrating iPhone battery, you maximize its service life and get the opportunity to have always accurate information about its charge.

Most users do not calibrate batteries in their smartphones and tablets, despite the recommendations of computer equipment manufacturers.

Let’s consider the signs by which you can understand that the calibration of iPhone 7 battery is necessary:

  • fast discharge;
  • sudden turning off at 10–15% charge;
  • frozen charge indicator;
  • sharp jerks of the indicator;
  • you have not discharged your smartphone for more than 3 months.

What to do?

The action algorithm for calibrating iPhone 8 battery is quite simple, but not the fastest, you need to carry out two full cycles of discharging and charging. Let’s look at each step one by one.

  • Fully discharge your gadget, it must turn off from a lack of energy. To speed up the process actively use all the features of the device: play games, listen to music and watch videos.
  • Connect your iPhone to the charger, preferably connected to the electricity network, rather than to the computer, to ensure a constant and powerful supply of energy.
  • Wait for the device to charge up to one hundred percent.
  • This is not enough, because the controller is not synchronized with the battery and it is not known how much it is charged. You should leave the smartphone charged for another hour.
  • Disconnect the gadget from the charger.
  • Discharge your iPhone fully again, until it turns off, as the first time.
  • Charge it up fully to one hundred percent.
  • Like last time, leave your iPhone charging for another hour.
  • Now you can use it as usual.

Such battery calibration is suitable not only for iPhone, but also for any other devices from Apple. For example, iPad or iPod also needs such a procedure and their batteries will last longer without turning off earlier than necessary.