How Often Do Iphone Batteries Need To Be Replaced?

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In addition to the display, the most frequently replaced component in an iPhone is the battery – and this is not surprising, because even new Apple gadgets run out pretty quickly. 

When should I change my iPhone battery?

With each charge cycle, a small percentage of the battery capacity is lost. If the iPhone charges between 0 and 100 percent, it counts as a full charge cycle. If the charge goes from 40 to 90 percent, this is half a charge cycle.

When you should think about changing the battery depends entirely on your requirements. Until the battery life is halved, most users are fine with losing battery capacity. If you want to get the most from the iPhone X battery, then you should think about replacing it already with a loss of 20 percent of the power.

Apple promises that every iPhone will still have 80 percent battery capacity even after 400-500 charge cycles. However, since batteries always wear out in different ways, an iPhone battery can in some cases lose more capacity much earlier.

How long do iPhone batteries last?

Apple is estimating one iPhone battery will last about two years.

How to visually determine when a battery needs to be replaced

First of all, let’s remember that each part has its own service life, which can either increase or decrease depending on the operating conditions. Therefore, if after a few years of using the iPhone, it began to hold less charge – this is natural. But let’s look at cases when, even visually, you can determine that the battery urgently needs to be replaced.

So, it is quite common when the iPhone battery starts to swell. This comes from old age, the use of low-quality chargers, individual conditions of use, etc. The swelling of the battery in different iPhone models manifests itself in different ways, but in general, all cases have similar symptoms: a bulging screen, in which the glass begins to creak, and stains may appear on it. Cracks may also appear on the case or cover. It should be noted that the battery rarely swells to catastrophic proportions, it usually happens gradually. It is necessary to notice these signs in time and contact our Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair License Store, since with a strong swelling, the battery can completely break the screen unit!

Some helpful tips to help extend iPhone battery life

  • Use only original chargers, only they can provide high-quality protection against voltage surges.
  • Do not increase the capacity of the iPhone battery by performing several full charge-discharge cycles to zero. The battery of a modern iPhone doesn’t need it.
  • Do not constantly charge your smartphone – frequent charging damages the battery. Charge your iPhone as needed, trying to avoid extreme values.
  • Do not be afraid to leave the phone on a long charge (for example, overnight) – when using a high-quality adapter, the power supply is cut off by a special controller after reaching the maximum charge.
  • Do not actively use the iPhone in the cold, stressful situations do not contribute to the performance of the battery.
  • There are no high capacity batteries, they are all standard. So do not trust those who are trying to convince you otherwise.

The best way to keep your iPhone running smoothly is to follow all operating guidelines. In case of problems, contact the specialists of Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair License Store for replacing the battery on the iPhone.