How long to repair iPhone 6 screen?

How long does it take to replace iPhone 6 screen

Screen repairs can go from two minutes to a couple of hours and even days depending on the problem you are having. Whenever you decide that your iPhone 6 needs a screen repair, call our technician or visit the store to identify the kind of problem you are having. It is always better to visit a store so that a technician can take a look at the phone and diagnose the correct length of the service.

Why does the timing differ?

The time for iPhone 6 screen repair differs because the damages, as well as the events that led to the damages, can vary from a simple scratch on the protective screen or just a crack on an actual screen to the severe fall of the phone from the third floor or its landing into the pool or toilet. The complexity of such aggravating circumstances defines the timing of your iPhone screen repair.

How long do different repairs for iPhone 6 screen take?

  • Cracked screen protector. This is the simplest repair of all. It takes literally two minutes to remove the old screen protector, clean the screen and put the new protector back. This is also the cheapest iPhone 6 screen repair you can hope for.
  • Cracked screen. This problem is also standard for Mr Fix cell phone repair experts so we generally replace the cracked screens on-site and it takes about half an hour for the problem evaluation and fixing.
  • Severely cracked screen. As a rule, this problem occurs after the phone falls onto the ground from some heights. In this case, provided that you need only screen repair, our team can do it in about 30 minutes. However, be ready that in the process of problem diagnostics, additional problems might surface (such as non-responding screen, dislocation of some board or cable, etc.) And if an expert identifies this problem, you might need to wait for a couple of hours until your problem is fixed.
  • Water-damaged screen. If you drop your phone into water, try to open it as soon as you can, and rush to the nearest Mr Fix cell phone repair service center. The sooner you deliver your iPhone 6, the greater the chances are for repairing your screen and the phone in general. Water damages may come in different shapes and forms of consequences, and hence the repairs might require a couple of days to complete.

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