How long does the iPhone Pro battery last?

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When you buy a new iPhone you think about its battery life, first. There is a good battery in all new models. There are no differences in battery life between iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These devices may allow you not to feel the difference in use. Battery capacity differs from each other only in percentage so if you choose a phone from a new collection you should not worry. If you decide to buy an iPhone 11 Pro you will be interested in all important moments and ways to save its battery capacity for a maximum period. 

The iPhone 11 Pro is powered by a 3046 mAh non-removable battery. The iPhone supports wireless charging, like all new iPhones. The battery life depends on your care about the device. But the factory battery of the iPhone allows you to use the phone for a long time. Of course, it all depends on how long you sit at your smartphone and what programs you use but there are also many other things which affect. If your device capacity is 100%, you can surf the Internet and do different energy-consuming things and your iPhone will allow you to use it for 7-8 hours. If you use it only when needed, the battery will last all day or even longer. 

Some tips to save the accumulator life on iPhone 11 Pro

Of course, everyone wants to have an infinite charge but it is impossible today. There are basic rules which help to not destroy the battery for a short time of use. 

  • It is not recommended to charge the iPhone up to 100% every day. The iPhone models such as the iPhone 11 Pro have a lithium-ion battery so the longer you charge the iPhone, the higher the battery voltage which causes it to gradually burn out and damage the phone. After this, you will have a problem with quickly reducing battery capacity. Try to charge the iPhone up to 80%.  Only once a month will be enough to charge up from 0% to 100%. 
  • You shouldn’t interrupt the process of charging. In this case, the battery life will be quickly destroyed. You also should not put the iPhone 11 Pro to charge for a whole night because there are a few hours enough to charge it. The rest of the time your device will receive an extra dose of voltage that can’t be able to get into the phone. Put your iPhone on the charger only during the day.
  • Do not leave the phone in permanent power-saving mode. The device starts to get used to and then the battery keeps getting weaker and weaker. Just switch on this mode only when you need to save the percentage. 
  • The case with the power bank is a convenient thing but it can harm. You will charge your phone continuously. And such a charger creates a rapid voltage flow that damages the accumulator. This way is suitable for those iPhones that already have an old factory battery and it doesn’t hold a charge well.

As you can see, it is not difficult to take care of the iPhone 11 Pro correctly. You should just keep some important rules and you can save battery life for a maximum. Such a way can help you to save your money and time.