How long does it take to repair an iPhone screen?

How long does it take to repair an iPhone screen

Repairs of the iPhone screens come in a wide range of possibilities. Very often, we have customers whose protective cover got damaged while the actual screen is left untouched. If you got lucky, then all Mr. Fix will do is replace the protective cover or glass and hand you over the renewed iPhone within about 10 minutes.

In case it is actually a screen issue, then the case will be more complex. Sometimes, our professionals manage to truly repair an iPhone screen with tech magic. Such actions would normally take about half an hour, a pair of skillful hands, and patience. As a rule, you can simply walk into one of Mr. Fix phone and computer repair stores, request our on-site repair service, and wait in our comfortable waiting area until the magic is happening.

Should your screen get shattered completely, you will need a replacement of your iPhone screen rather than basic repairs. iPhone XS screen replacement is also a fast service that takes even less than 30 minutes and can also be performed in the store. However, if you would like to leave your phone with us, our shop manager will discuss when you can pick up your phone.

Be ready that during the screen repair iPhone XR our Mr. Fix cell phone repairmen may find greater issues inside of your phone. Should this happen, you will be always asked whether you would like to replace or fix a particular problem on the spot. Depending on the issue, the repair time might be prolonged.

Mr. Fix offers screen replacement for all existing iPhone models and makes. We always have all screens in-store so walk-in immediate replacement and repair is always possible with our Expert Team. We also guarantee that all our parts are original and so we provide a warranty for all repairs and replacements that we made.

Even if your screen problem does not look that bad, please come visit our technicians to ensure that you do not need any major repairs to complete because our consultations and project estimation is always free of charge!